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Bold Female Desire

Friday 27 November 2020 @ 20:00 - 21:30 CET

€10 – €19

Bold Female Desire A conversation facillitated with Lena Glucksmanis

We’re two longtime friends who want a revolution. We believe when women fully embody their sexual desire, it will change culture!
Women are only recently learning to recover from the debilitating cultural taboos that have been imposed on our sexual expression. On the whole, we’ve been slow to develop the voice for our own pleasure and bring partners up to speed into a more skillful, female-centered experience.
An overwhelming number of women really aren’t getting as much pleasure from sex as they should (this from our observations in education, research, personal and professional experience and endless conversation with friends and families).

This is unacceptable. We want to change the conversation.

That’s why we are hosting a safe space to share, question and be proactive together.

We’re committed to pack this event with empowering information and stimulating conversation

Some of the topics for our conversation include:

-To what extent can women become stronger through equal fulfillment of desire?

-To what extent have you felt sexually satisfied in your relationships?

-To what extent have your partners invested in your sexual pleasure?

-If they’re invested, to what extent are they successful?

-How much do you hide of yourself?

-What are the pain points around your sexual expression?

-How much do you hide your lack of pleasure during sex?

-How has the more modern way of the industry of sexual consumption affected your life?

-What to do with the anger?

-How to overcome insecurities?

Who we are

We’re two amazing female-empowerment professionals. Our mission is to impact change by empowering women to their full sexual desire, and finally break the expectations and restrictions keeping individual women today to the opinions of a time when women were not equal partners.

Lena Glucksmanis

Lena Glicksmanis Nilson is an artist, activist, holistic sexual coach. 

Susan Pulley

Susan Pulley is an Ayurveda practitioner, activist, hormone health specialist (think libido). 

Cost is €19 (single) // Bring a friend – €10 extra


Friday 27 November 2020
20:00 - 21:30 CET
€10 – €19




Lena Glucksman Nilson

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