Did you know how much at Atma Ayurveda is already on offer virtually?


Welcome Program with virtual appointments– includes an Ayurveda course of 10 videos!

Specially designed to welcome new clients. Start the with fresh nutrition and lifestyle advice, and keep them going strong! Includes 3 appointments, Access to the Welcome Program hub, 3 lessons including 10 videos, Live classes with Susan, 2-month expiry




MINDFULNESS AYURVEDA BODYWORK – 3 pack (€75each)Breath Detox Treatments

Each breathing exercise has a special action, including improvement of metabolism, weight, nutrition uptake, stress and fatigue, insomnia, burnout, vision, and digestion. Breathing exercises can be the single most effective remedy to improve your health. They exponentially increase the effectiveness of all other remedies you take to improve your health.




Follow up Consultations for returning clients

Choose between 3 months or save on 1 year of care. 1 year of VIP Consults includes 6 consultations with Susan (in addition to any Seasonal Herb Check-ins & Laser Coaching Calls for active program members). 1 season of VIP Consults includes 3 consultations with Susan (in addition to any Seasonal Herb Check-ins & Laser Coaching Calls for active program members)



celebrating-the-darknessJyotish Readings

A holistic overview of your entire chart, including insights into the big themes for you, including the family of origin, career, personality, relationships, personality, mental and emotional tapestry. We meet on a Zoom call and the call will be recorded- you will receive a link to get on the call.



celebrating-the-darknessGuided Home Detox

A special package to guide you through a home detox tailored to you. Includes 1 pre-cleanse appointment to get an intake and give you instruction and advice to specialize a cleanse to your body type and current needs, on-call check-ins the day of your cleanse action, and 1 appointment to give you detailed instructions on post-care



celebrating-the-darknessCorona Virus Consultation

As a contribution to combating the coronavirus, I want to make a special appointment available for those who do not need hospitalization, but with symptoms and are sequestered unable to reach medical care.





Courses & Webinars

Vitality Recharge

A live online program to take health into your own hands and implement Ayurvedic advices – meets once a week on live video. 10 weekly deep dives into one of the transformative habit lessons, spanning what to eat, how to move, and energy-banking techniques. Personalized Coaching on 10 group calls with me and others dedicated to uplifting their wellness. You’ll get quality of coaching from Susan being in weekly lessons.



Menopause by Design

A 3-Week Immersion to get started doing Ayurvedic solutions for naturally easeful menopause. Weekly Video Lessons to help you understand Ayurveda’s approach and make changes faster, including symptom relief, what to eat, how to move, and energy-enhancing techniques. 2 Laser Coaching Sessions with Susan with 20 minutes dedicated to making the information specific to you, and lift you over hurdles if you get stuck.



Ayurveda Cleanse Health5-day guided Spring Cleanse

With the right plan and guidance, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. I’ll share the strategies I’ve used to get back on track. Stop settling for anything less than absolute, radiant vitality!

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