Are you ready to Outgrow your old self?

Private intensive coaching for massive breakthroughs

Real Change Takes Time

 Our Glow level coaching program includes private intensive coaching for a single season to give you massive breakthroughs, plus annual access to reinforce it in the following seasons via the Vitality Recharge

I have seen 

Incredible Outcomes

That there’s way more that you can do about nagging symptoms than you can imagine in this moment, & that incredible outcomes are can be architected when following the right method & being immersed in a community with forward momentum

Incredible Outcomes

That when people look back in 6 months or a year, they can’t believe they put up with their nagging symptoms so long.

Rapid Health Changes

That every individual exponentiates their health changes through connection and community with others who are equally dedicated to leverating Ayurveda actions

Healthy Priorities

That most people get desensitized to their growing health complaints, underestimate the changes they can make,

Working Together

That my clients get amazing results by commiting to working closer together for an initial period of time, and after that they can easily stand on their own and continue all the healthy lifestyle they’ve adapted for maintenance on their own

My Committment

That achieving true health requires developing broader skills, like how to get out of overwhelm, decompress from stress, coming back to biorhythm, time management skills, how to shift your outlook on life, developing a mindset of growth rather than stuck-ness, how to take on smaller bites of huge health goals, that counter-intuitive skill to ask for help, navigating situations that hold you back from continuing fresh healthy actions you want to be taking, learning how to place yourself within community to get faster results, tackling your own self-sabotage patterns, and so much more…and I’m committed to helping you through this to ensure your improvements stick

How It Works

Weekly Ayurveda lessons one-to-one with Susan to accelerate your lifestyle transformation and get results fast. Full guidance and access to Vitality Recharge video lessons and member hub. Valid for a single season (12 weeks).

  • A 90 minute Initial Health Evaluation by Susan
  • An Implementation Plan: the first few simple steps you can implement right away following the Health Evaluation, and an explanation of the anticipated Phase 1, 2, and 3
  • 9 coaching sessions  (up to 45 mins) the first season
  • Priority email access to me for quick-questions over email
  • Personalized nutrition, lifestyle and herbal recommendations, adjusted as you improve!

Plus, get continued support past the first intensive season with the Vitality Recharge Annual Pass, and all its benefits (€2750 value):

  • Weekly video lessons and emails on the core habits of Ayurvedic self-care
  • 10 Weekly Live Coaching Calls
  • 3 one-on-one Laser Coaching sessions during each season to help you jump over hurdles that arise
  • Season Herbal Check-ins (3/year)
  • Read all Vitality Recharge benefits here

Ready to Get Started

It all starts with your complimentary 20 minute Health Strategy Session.The Ayurveda Clinic focuses on long-lasting health solutions, therefore, we suggest you start with a 20-health strategy session to then see which package/treatment best suits your needs.

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