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Ayurveda uses the powerful techniques of nutrition, herbal preparations,  massage and other warm oil therapies and detox to restore vitality to the body and mindTiming is important, and advice to ‘reset’ your body’s natural rhythms are based on changing the timing of your daily habits like eating & sleeping.


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Client Success Stories

It's a Miracle!

Since I've visited you and am integrating your advice in my daily patterns, I feel much better. So thank you for that, it's a miracle!

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Maartje L
Living a life without chronic stress

After each session every nerve and muscle within my body felt at peace.

Vitality Recharge
Everything falls into place...

It feels like you are floating after the treatment (Pinda Swedana). Everything falls into place and you have the energy and the clarity of your mind for doing anything you want.

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Life changing – I have never been so ALIVE in my life before!!!

It is sometimes weird how different things ‘found’ you in the different stages of your life…so I got to meet Susan. I’ve contacted her for some specific and generic health-related issues, some of them even I myself was not aware of fully but just got this (gut) feeling that I have to do something about it...
We usually expect some results after the first encounter – which was happening truly – but I just cannot be more amazed, grateful, happy to realize all the incredible long-term effects after our first meeting. Yeap, meeting Susan and her introduction and guidance into Ayurveda is a truly life-changing experience. Period.
It has been 2 months or so since, and I have never been so ALIVE in my life before!!! with capitals.
You cannot expect to change your life overnight, but due to the personalized, professional and experienced guidance from Susan, it is up to us to become healthier, more balanced and connected, being able to receive love, respect, and achievement from all the angles of life. Thank you, Susan!!!

Agnes LW

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The Ayurveda Clinic focuses on long-lasting health solutions, therefore, we suggest you start with a 20-health strategy session to then see which package/treatment best suits your needs.

Susan Pulley moved to the Netherlands to teach for the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies in 2008. Shortly after, she founded Atma Ayurveda, an Ayurvedic wellness clinic offering nutrition consultations and… Learn More +

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