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I also wanted to take a moment and tell you about something I am extremely passionate about. And that is helping women have their best menopause decade EVER!

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Ayurveda Is Effective For Menopause


Take control to shape your best decade yet!

You’re an intelligent, accomplished woman who deserves to feel great again.

You know not to put up with peri-menopause and menopause misery.

You work too hard to feel lousy in your body, drag yourself through the day, and not be expressing your full self.

You’re ready to lose that stubborn weight, to stop feeling wired & tired, to being so exhausted you can’t sleep.

You’ve decided hormone replacement, antidepressants and sleeping pills is not the end solution for you.

You’re starting to hear a stronger inner voice and sense your true purpose.

You know you have it in you to feel vibrant & aligned.

Menopause Manifesto

I stand for radical menopause relief.I believe it is every woman’s right to come into her own as she ages. To me this means:

  • cultivating her wisdom,
  • feeling great in her body,
  • knowing her strengths,
  • composting her history
  • embracing her beautiful, imperfect self
  • integrating her shadows,
  • contributing to change the world around her,
  • being sensual beyond expectations,
  • invoking change like never before,
  • feeling incredible in her physical body and confident she’s positioning herself for health in the decades to come,
  • reigniting her creative obsessions and
  • hearing a positive, rather than punishing, inner voice

I am a leader in the menopause revolution, shedding the taboos attached to menopause that increase the doubt and anxiety already activated by our physical changes

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