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The sages who gave us the secrets of success didn’t want us to miss the important lessons, so they stuck them right there in an obvious place – the first words of the first chapter. The rule when you open the classic Ayurveda texts is “What comes first is most important.”

And most of us still miss it.

But if you’re ready to know unlock the potential your health could be, I’ll let you in on a secret- the most powerful techniques are all about establishing actions that support life – over time. Likewise, you have to avoid habits that wear down your health.


Healthy People Invest in Their Health.

Think of your body & energy like other things in you invest in: You want them to benefit you over time.

If you’re not investing at least enough to keep up with increasing demands of aging with the typical person’s decreasing energy and health, you’re going to retire poorly.

If you’ve got low energy, pain, poor digestion, hormone problems or worse now, what’s that going to look like in several years? The time for action is today.

Something will come along eventually, a health crisis, an injury, disease or even impact to your relationships or personal life too compounded to overcome that might shock you into investing in your health, but that’s not smart investing.

Smart people see the savings

Smart people see the savings I hear time and again how people spend much less money than they used to as a result of their course. Our participants report on average an annual savings of €1455 per year (on unhealthy takeaway, groceries, drinks, office visits, medical expenses and supplements). Emotional spending and convenience spending become a thing of the past. Intentionally investmenting in yourself creates a high return, and continue to compound over time, faster than the stock market. Plus, new opportunities open up in careers for healthier people.



Wise people know this: if you never get around to actually doing what you know you should do, it’s time to stop trying to do it alone.





Smart people invest in their health now.

Smart investing happens through small and steady deposits. For the body, that means daily actions. If we do the habits, we can prevent or more easily overcome what crops up with health. If we don’t do the habits, it can become very costly to our time, to our bank account, to our career, and to our relationships.

Think how much the cost of poor health adds up over a lifetime:

  • Increasing visits to healthcare providers
  • Costs of medicines, vitamins & supplements
  • Binge spending when you don’t feel great
  • Frustration & time lost due to vague or inaccurate diagnoses, fishing for solutions
  • Time off work for health appointments
  • Time off or inability to work due to surgery or burnout
  • Increased medical bills beyond what is covered by insurance
  • Fights with company doctors about whether you can justify desperately needed recuperation time
  • Loss of promotion opportunities
  • Accumulated autoimmune or chronic lifestyle diseases
  • Emotional impact of disease
  • Depression
  • Accumulated strain, pressure or loss of relationships when you can’t be your best self
  • Not being available to those who we love most
  • Robbing ourselves of an easeful retirement when we finally have time for enjoyment

Our participants report on average an annual savings of €1455 per year (on food, drinks, medical expenses and supplements)

Financing Ideas for Your Health

Emotional spending and convenience spending become a thing of the past. Intentional investments in yourself create a high return, and continue to compound over time, faster than the stock market. Plus, new opportunities open up in careers for people who are shining and have energy.

Creatively brainstorm where to look for your investment

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Savvy people search out solutions

Once you’ve set your goal to live your dreams and take this course, your new dream becomes to secure financing. Solutions-oriented thinking is required. To find solutions to problems that have held you back requires asking better questions. My favorite way is to explore the question with open curiosity: The money is waiting for me. Where is it going to come from?


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Wise people know this: if you never get around to actually doing what you know you should do, it’s time to stop trying to do it alone.


Vitality Recharge Experience

  • 10 weekly deep dives into one of the transformative habit lessons, spanning what to eat, how to move, and energy-banking techniques
  • Personalized Coaching on 10 group calls with me and others dedicated to uplifting their wellness. You’ll get quality of coaching from Susan being in weekly lessons.
  • Weekly email from me outlining our habit of the week to keep you on track, inspired, and focus.
  • Seasonal Retreat Day!
  • 3 Laser Coaching Sessions with me of 20 mins each to lift you over hurdles if you get stuck.
  • Access to people as committed as you are to evolving their lives. Together our strong, dynamic community will make your health upgrade fun & light.
  • Get paired with an accountability partner to keep you motivated & on track (optional)
  • Reach out anytime in our private facebook group facillitated by Susan. Take advantage of our vibrant community support to keep motivated, and celebrate your wins. We only accept people happy to share ideas, uplift and encourage each other to new levels, who want to build a lasting dynamic community, and who you’d really love to get to know over a cup of tea with anyway! Get continuous day-to-day support. Plus, once you follow a course, you’ve got always got access.
  • Invitation to future retreats
  • Access to online resources with an Ayurvedic Recipe Book, Master Habits Guide and the Habit Changing e-book
  • Bonus materials to help you: recipes, tip sheets, reflection sheets
  • Access to upgrade to VIP coaching for Ayurvedic advice or treatment programs 
  • Deep discount on the Vitality Recharge Annual Pass

You know what you should do. Now ignite and actually do it, with ease!

Get back to the best version of you.


An incredible foundation to take us much deeper


Our digestive organs need a lot of empty-stomach time to catch up overnight- to repair, breakdown and eliminate what’s no longer needed and renew cells. They need to rest so in order to make deposits into your energy bank, so you can feel alive & alert in the morning instead of feeling sliggish to face the day, and so you can burn fat rather than grab for sugar.


Develop a bed time routine that is decompressing and moves us into optimal sleep, so you can bank your energy and you’re able to go strong the whole next day. Nothing drains our energy reserves faster than staying up late, but a lot of us need coaching to make effective use of our only down-time, rather than zoning out to a tv show or online, or making a last desperate attempt to check a couple more items off our to-do list.


It might be inconvenient for our night-owl culture, but it’s a physiology fact that early-to-rise folks age slower and are more productive and happy. There’s a sequence of tricks to overcoming morning sluggishness so your energy & alertness last the whole day.


Open the energy channels! Move, breathe, and sweat. Find the right fit for you in any phase. Reboot stuck, erratic energy that feels like exhaustion, stagnation or restlessness. You already know you should, so imagine how good it will feel when you finally get this habit down!!


It’s a simple equation: More plants = More prana.  You know you feel cleaner, clearer and more alive when you eat more plants. Time to expand your veggie vocabulary. We go step by step through how you can make this happen in your busy kitchen.


Keep the largest organ in your body – and the skin that everyone sees – happy for the long run! Make contact with oil, silk gloves or even just your hands. This is the habit that can really give clarity focus in the mind, resolve deep emotions, improve your immunity and help you de-stress. Make your skin glow, and your heart a lift.


Stop the grazing all day long, stop the sugar cravings and the in-between snacking. Most people hold a little extra weight and feel pretty down about that, physically and with negative self-talk, and it’s time to break out of that cycle and finally eat 3 meals a day without snacking, with a healthy dosage of intermittent fasting overnight. Consistently. For the long-haul. For real.


Most of us weren’t taught the advantage of hygiene for our minds, or any techniques. We know we should meditate, but we think we’re bad at it. Not anymore! Your mind experiences the external world through the windows of your eyes, ears, skin, tongue, and nose. Take care of your senses so they give you optimal outlook today and are going strong through old age.


Harness the power of prevention by healing for your digestive type. Get coaching on what to do for hot, sharp hunger, and it’s opposite, sluggish hunger that’s slowing down your metabolism, & everything in between. What to do when the bowels are backed up & stubborn, or when the bowels are loose & reactive. Healthy bowels directly translates to healthy mood & great energy.


Get traction to change your story from stress to ease. You might have to flip that switch several times a day, but it starts to open space quickly. and soon you’ll to experience ease as your first reaction in your day-to-day responsibilities & passions. This is where people become so graceful they surprise themselves. And where there’s ease…there’s energy!

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