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This health sprint comes with information-packed videos, audios, and recipes for the 5 day cleanse challenge.  

With the right plan and guidance, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Remember, if you recognize you need some extra support, just reach out! Here’s how:

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Day 1

Get started with what to eat during your Ayurveda Cleanse Health Sprint.
Download the Kitchari recipe

AyurActions Today – Day 1

  1. Download and try the Kitchari recipe
  2. Make a meal plan for these 5 days – remember cooked, soupy, and simple!
  3. Ask questions if you have such!

AyurActions Today – Day 2

  1. Decide a 10-minute time that’s easy for you to practice the breathing exercises.
  2. Follow one or all guided audio
  3. Notice
    • Where do you feel sensation?
    • What are the sensations you feel?
    • Is there any color?

Day 2

I share with you a Breath Detox regimen to help you get your physical and pranic body moving well.

Day 3

When is the #1 time your body is cleaning itself out? When you’re sleeping! I help you tackle how to get longer and deeper sleep to enhance detoxification.

AyurActions Today – Day 3

  1. How are you going to arrange things so you can get to sleep 30 minutes earlier tonight?
  2. Try rubbing oil on your feet before bedtime.
  3. Use the hour before sleep to signal to your body’s 5 senses that it’s time to shift.

If you want personalised Ayurvedic advice for your health conditions

AyurActions Today – Day 4

  1. Move at least 30 minutes today and for the next days.
  2. What is right intensity your body wants at this time? What is the right type of movement for you at this moment? 
  3. Can you sense the action that moving the energy in the body gives to clear the waste? To balance the mind?

Day 4

Get moving with exercise that’s right for you. Whether you’re too stagnant or too exhausted, I’ve got great advice for you.

Day 5

I teach you how to keep up the benefits and build habits to reach your health goals.

AyurActions Today – Day 5

  1. Follow the exercise in the video. State out loud your commitment for self-care!
  2. Make a list of what health goals you have for:
    1. Nutrition
    2. Breath Detox
    3. Sleep
    4. Movement
  3. Reach out and get help to keep up these priorities for the long-term. Schedule a free Health Strategy call

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If you want personalised Ayurvedic advice for your health conditions:

Susan is the founder & lead practitioner at Atma Ayurveda, a full-spectrum wellness clinic offering Ayurvedic consult & treatment programs in Amsterdam. She has more than a decade of clinical practice, and specializes in women’s health & menopause, stress, and burnout.

Susan teaches clients and academic students how to use Ayurveda & Yoga to address specific health concerns. She helps people learn practical ways to transform their health and vitality.

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