Guided Challenge Group


Join AyurActions Today, our free guided group where you can follow Ayurveda tips, share recipes, ask Susan questions about Ayurveda and take up a weekly health challenges alongside other members!

Uplifting your health & getting rid of stubborn health challenges with natural medicine really requires that you find a way to do things consistently to engage on a deeper level, and I know there’s a lot in our modern lifestyle to sabotage your follow-though.

That’s why I give you extra support to stay on track and have accountability with other Ayurveda enthusiasts.

Successful people strategically place themselves for success – in every area of life! They also know how important it is to take time to step back, reevaluate and celebrate the small wins to keep engaged! The Ayurveda Actions Today group is one service we provide to support your progress and help you position yourself for success.  It is a way for you reevaluate where you’re at, recreate who you’re becoming, get accountability and community, and find creative ideas on how to make Ayurveda work for you.


We warmly welcome you to join: Apply to join AyurActions Today guided forum

It’s a great way for you to stay in the conversation, and have a place to for health questions in a private forum where I guide people with weekly challenges and & Ayurveda tips.

Thank you! Please check your email.