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What Participants Say

100% of participants said they got

long lasting impacts on how they take care of their body

And the winner of the #1 Habit that had the biggest impact on your life is… Drumroll, please…. Earlier, Lighter Dinners! You know what you should do. Now ignite and actually do it, with ease! Get back to the best version of you.



Are your habits giving

you energy?

or are they draining you, your sleep, eating and thrive?

You only get one body. 

Are you going to let bad habits break it down? Or will you strengthen good habits to build it up?

Hear Anne’s Experience

“I used to wake up tired, even after a good night’s sleep, but I haven’t felt that way for a long time.

That’s such a relief!”

The Best Way to Heal Yourself

What is included to make you thrive

  • 10 weekly deep dives into one of the transformative habit lessons, spanning what to eat, how to move, and energy-banking techniques
  • Personalized Coaching on 10 group calls with me and others dedicated to uplifting their wellness. You’ll get quality of coaching from Susan being in weekly lessons.
  • Weekly email from me outlining our habit of the week to keep you on track, inspired, and focus.
  • Seasonal Retreat Day!
  • 3 Laser Coaching Sessions with me of 20 mins each to lift you over hurdles if you get stuck.
  • Access to people as committed as you are to evolving their lives. Together our strong, dynamic community will make your health upgrade fun & light.
  • Get paired with an accountability partner to keep you motivated & on track (optional)
  • Reach out anytime in our private facebook group facillitated by Susan. Take advantage of our vibrant community support to keep motivated, and celebrate your wins. We only accept people happy to share ideas, uplift and encourage each other to new levels, who want to build a lasting dynamic community, and who you’d really love to get to know over a cup of tea with anyway! Get continuous day-to-day support. Plus, once you follow a course, you’ve got always got access.
  • Invitation to future retreats
  • Access to online resources with an Ayurvedic Recipe Book, Master Habits Guide and the Habit Changing e-book
  • Bonus materials to help you: recipes, tip sheets, reflection sheets
  • Access to upgrade to VIP coaching for Ayurvedic advice or treatment programs
  • Deep discount on the Vitality Recharge Annual Pass

The Ayurveda Experience that gets you results

What Participants Say

Physically & mentally a weight has lifted.

Before working with Susan, my energy was so low I was miserable waking to face my responsibilities for the day. I had strong migraines at least 20 out of 30 days per month, and my energy and weight were holding me back and I felt like the roles were reversed in my family – my kids were taking care of me. This was going on for years.

“I didn’t know where to go for help or how to pick myself up and you helped me.”

I’ve worked with Susan’s advice and reduced the intensity of my migraines – now they are only tension headaches 4-5 days a month rather than 20. I’ve shed 17kg in 6 months, 12 in the Vitality Recharge program alone!

Most importantly, I no longer feel like my kids have to take care of me, but I can take care of them, I’m not irritable with them and they’re learning life lessons in real time from watching the changes I’ve made.

Being part of a group program gave me support when I had a difficult time & kept me moving forward, and I had other people to relate to who interested themselves in healthy habits. It fills a gap in what you’re missing in your own circles of family & friends where you’re always looking for support for healthy living but it isn’t there.

In the Vitality Recharge program, there’s so much knowledge on how you can take care of you body in a good way – the self massage, the stillness, the sensory organ care, taking care of yourself inside & out. With the early to bed, set yourself up for not being tired the next day.


susan atma ayurveda

Why we are different

I’m Susan.  I’ve spent the past 10 years helping clinic clients & leading groups to transform their vitality. It’s such a shame when clever, vibrant people with so much desire for joy get dulled and locked down by anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and even hormones. Especially when the key to unlock it is within arms’ reach. You know what you should do, you just don’t do it. Again and again, I’ve seen that the degree to which a client can overcome their health & energy problems is directly related to whether they can change the habits which deplete her & implement the ones that make lives thrive. So I’m really motivated to help clients get these habits locked in. With ease. Without having to think about them! And I know how to get you to tap into your full & enduring energy resources. I can get you from “I should” to “I did”, simply by awakening better body habits. I know these habits. I live these habits. I continuously work and improve them, just like you will. And I continuously am in awe of the amazing benefits & support I get from them, just like you will. I want you to be able to gain traction, so these habits become automated and effortless. What’s great is they start giving back fast. What’s better is they’ll keep helping you for decades to come. These are the habits that free up your time to live more purposefully & passionately!

Wise people know this:

if you never get around to actually doing what you know you should do, it’s time to stop trying to do it alone. I will show you how to easefully automate the things that make the difference between a path of disease and the adventure of wellness.

The effect of the course was actually enormous. I was very energetic after the first round of Vitality recharge. I have to recognize it did me a lot of good. I’m really grateful to get inspired by you.

Before the course, I was not able to control snacking in the evening, I was eating a lot of sugar in the daytime, and feeling really frustrated with myself because I would start things but lose the path.

I felt sluggish in the morning and blamed myself because I just kept doing the wrong thing knowing it’s not good. The headaches I had from overeating are gone. I’m getting control over the eating, and also from exercise in the morning.

Working the habits isn’t so hard. I’m enjoying doing other things at night, discovering a lot of things, and that’s very satisfying.


Healthy People Invest in Their Health

Think of your body & energy like other things in you invest in: You want them to benefit you over time.

If you’re not investing at least enough to keep up with increasing demands of aging with the typical person’s decreasing energy and health, you’re going to retire poorly.

If you’ve got low energy, pain, poor digestion, hormone problems or worse now, what’s that going to look like in several years? The time for action is today.

Something will come along eventually, a health crisis, an injury, disease or even impact to your relationships or personal life too compounded to overcome that might shock you into investing in your health, but that’s not smart investing.

Smart people invest in their health now.

Smart investing happens through small and steady deposits. For the body, that means daily actions. If we do the habits, we can prevent or more easily overcome what crops up with health. If we don’t do the habits, it can become very costly to our time, to our bank account, to our career, and to our relationships.

Think how much the cost of poor health adds up over a lifetime:

  • Increasing visits to healthcare providers
  • Costs of medicines, vitamins & supplements
  • Binge spending when you don’t feel great
  • Frustration & time lost due to vague or inaccurate diagnoses, fishing for solutions
  • Time off work for health appointments
  • Time off or inability to work due to surgery or burnout
  • Increased medical bills beyond what is covered by insurance
  • Fights with company doctors about whether you can justify desperately needed recuperation time
  • Loss of promotion opportunities
  • Accumulated autoimmune or chronic lifestyle diseases
  • The emotional impact of disease
  • Depression
  • Accumulated strain, pressure or loss of relationships when you can’t be your best self
  • Not being available to those who we love most
  • Robbing ourselves of an easeful retirement when we finally have time for enjoyment

Our participants report on average an annual savings of €1455 per year

(on food, drinks, medical expenses and supplements)


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More About the Vitality Recharge Program

 When are the group calls? 

Mondays at 20:00 Amsterdam (2pm New York) 

What if I have to miss a call or two?

No problem. The calls will be recorded so you can listen later. You’ll stay engaged in the group forum, and with the videos & worksheets. And remember, you have the Laser Coaching sessions, our group forum, and your accountability partner to keep you on-track.

Sounds great, but I also want more personalized attention. Can I do the program privately?

A VIP consultations program is available as an add-on for those who want additional personal attention, specific herb recommendations, diet advice and Ayurveda theory. Please let me know you’re interested during our Health Strategy Session.

I’m not sure I can do 100% of the work in one round. What’s the Annual Pass?

The course is structured to be simple enough to get huge changes for yourself in the 10 weeks, and yet it provides enough depth & challenge to make it worthy of repeating. In fact, most people benefit taking everything you learn the first time and reabsorbing and reengaging until it becomes absolutely automatic, which takes about a year. That’s why we created an Annual Pass option – you can repeat the course as many times as you like in one year, plus get a TON of bonuses, for a super bargain. It takes the pressure off being “perfect” the first time around, which helps you implement things sustainably & practice ease and balance.

When I started the Vitality Recharge, my main concern was gallbladder stones, small ones that had been discovered. Also, my challenge was making self-care a regular part of life, I just didn’t focus enough on it, and it affected my energy levels and fitness.

I didn’t have enough time for it because I didn’t make time for it. Then did things sporadically but it all felt urgent and pressured. For example, I didn’t make time in the morning, and it made things stressful. It affected the beginning of my day at work because was in hurry to arrive. I was nervous right from the beginning of the day. Within the first season, I could appreciate little less overly emotional & taking things personally.


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