At the core of the Atma Ayurveda experience are programs I’ve carefully sculpted that allow me to give much more extremely personalized advice day-to-day beyond just appointments.

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Ayurveda Course

You only get one body. Are you going to let bad habits break it down? Or will you build good habits to strengthen it up? Get back to bold living with practical wisdom unlocked from the secrets of Ayurveda & Yoga. Become the best version of You!

Consultation Programs

At the core of what we do at Atma Ayurveda are programs that I’ve sculpted that allow me to effectively give extremely personalized advice – and be more involved. Healing at Atma Ayurveda begins with a plan for your coaching program & treatments.

Treatment Programs

There are 2 types of treatment programs at the clinic: Panchakarma and Clinic Treatment Package. Both programs include the Vitality Recharge Program. Once enrolled, both programs give you access add treatments at the clinic for the program duration.

Transform your vitality

To get to the level that you can really make use of Ayurvedic advices, some simple universal foundations have to be in place. If you don’t have these solid, it will always hold you back from improving your health for good. But once you get them down, your possibility of increasing your vitality are endless, at any age, no matter your starting point.

“I wanted more for my clients. I had to build something better.”



Students from our course have found


I eat a healthier diet


I’ve developed better self-care habits


I’ve learned the daily habits for longevity and aging


I have more energy

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It all starts with your complimentary 20 minute Health Strategy Session.The Ayurveda Clinic focuses on long-lasting health solutions, therefore, we suggest you start with a 20-health strategy session to then see which package/treatment best suits your needs.

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