15 Warning Signs of Hormone Trouble

Like most women, you might have a sense of what’s related to your hormones, but not take the time to address it head-on with your full focus.

Until there are big problems that force you to completely shut down life, like difficulty getting pregnant when you decide to, or hot flashes during peri-menopause, many women tend to ignore the hormone the warning signs of hormone trouble.

“You’re not getting hot flashes all the time, you’re not hemmoraging every cycle, and the insomnia could be just from stress. So you just keep going….”

Hormone imbalance

So here’s a list of 15 warning signs that are urging you to adjust your hormones:

  1. Wired & Tired…always exhausted but can’t sleep
  2. Hot flashes or extra heat in the night
  3. Cramping before your period starts – moderate to strong
  4. Stubborn weight gain
  5. Bloating and water retention at ovulation or menstruation
  6. Headaches
  7. Insomnia creeping in more & more
  8. Anger or intolerance to what you normally can let go of
  9. Anxiety or depression
  10. Drop in your desire to have sex
  11. Waking to pee regularly
  12. Low resistance to stress, or burnout
  13. Vaginal dryness, pain during sex
  14. Not feeling like yourself anymore in peri-menopause
  15. Premature wrinkles and dryness

Some of these are super obvious – you know if you’re having severe cramping, or waking up at night sweating.

Others are really sneaky – does the bloating you’re feeling come from something you ate, or your hormones? Are your hormones causing you to hold on to weight no matter what you try? Would balancing your hormones really reduce your feelings of being uninspired and ‘off’ about life, or anxious and on edge all the time?

I think part of that is because even if you have terrible PMS, once you’ve run that gauntlet every month, you tend to forget about it. The cramps, anger at your partner, or headache.

Or when you start to have irregular periods later on, it’s not so obvious that it could be peri-menopause. You’re not getting hot flashes all the time, you’re not hemmoraging every cycle, and the insomnia could be just from stress. So you just keep going…

But mostly I think we’re not proactive about balancing hormones because the warning signs of hormone trouble can be difficult to catch.

It can be helpful to connect the dots to convince yourself of the urgency to get your hormones balanced today so you prevent problems tomorrow.

I hope this list helps you get crystal clear on what your hormones are contributing to, so you can take action!

Many of you know I specialize in women’s hormone health, so if you have a question about whether what you’re experiencing is hormone-related, . You’ll discover your Hormone Disruption Type, and learn what you can do to be proactive.

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