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Appointment 1: Assessment & Coaching 

In a 75-minute appointment, we’ll review your health assessment and give you an idea of what’s happening with any imbalances in your internal ecosystem through the lens of Ayurveda. We’ll decide a trajectory & you’ll be given starting dietary guidelines to balance your condition, and you may be advised herbs and specific recommendations from the varied Ayurveda toolbox, including personalized nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and breath and movement techniques.

Meanwhile, a Video Lesson is ready for you in the Welcome Program Hub

Appointment 2: Review & Refine

After 2 weeks, we’ll meet or call to go through any questions that you have that cropped up in between as you’ve been working with the recommendations and herbs, and modify any recommendations needed.

We’ll draw from concepts from the Video lesson and give explanations how it is relevant to your condition. We will go into more advanced advice, and how you can improve.

Meanwhile, the next Video Lesson is in the Welcome Program Hub

A Solution that Lasts

This will go a long way to preparing your inner ecosystem to be ready for the refined higher-level Ayurveda adjustments that are eventually needed for sustained healing.

Progression of Support

We know that your health is a matter of progression. Here’s the formula to make your efforts last!


Welcome Program

The welcome package includes two 1-to-1 appointments with Susan help you get started, and video lessons to support your understanding. Discover what is truly at the heart of your current situation and start taking action.

Commit to Your Healing

Vitality Recharge program

We all know health needs consistent effort over time, and we also know motivation doesn’t last. the Vitality Recharge is the most fastest and most effective way to keep making positive change, without falling back into old habits.


Panchakarma Detox

Once you clean up your energy habits in the Vitality Recharge, your body is ready to deeply receive the benefits of Ayurvedic treatments. Let’s talk about whether panchakarma or other treatments are right for you.