Join our 5 day Ayurveda Cleanse For Just €39

Health Sprint

With the right plan and guidance, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

I’ll share the strategies I’ve used to get back on track.

Stop settling for anything less than absolute, radiant vitality!

Here’s what we’re going to do:    

Day 1

Get started with what to eat during your Ayurveda Cleanse Health Sprint.

Day 2

I share with you a Breath Detox regimen to help you get your physical and pranic body moving well.

Day 3

When is the #1 time your body is cleaning itself out? When you’re sleeping! I help you tackle how to get longer and deeper sleep to enhance detoxification.

Day 4

Get moving with exercise that’s right for you. Whether you’re too stagnant or too exhausted, I’ve got great advice for you.

Day 5

I teach you how to keep up the benefits and build habits to reach your health goals.

This health sprint comes with daily information-packed videos, audio, and guided advice in our daily calls just for people who are making big changes, too.

Top 7 Reasons to Join The 5 Day Cleanse:

Holistic Detox: Experience a comprehensive cleanse.

Improved Sleep Quality: Learn techniques to enhance sleep, crucial for detoxification and overall well-being.

Sustainable Health Practices: Develop long-lasting healthy habits that continue beyond the cleanse.

Daily Support: Benefit from daily videos, audios, and live calls for consistent motivation and guidance.

Enhanced Vitality: Achieve a higher level of radiant vitality through tailored advice and practices.

Ayurvedic Principles: Integrate ancient Ayurvedic wisdom into modern health practices for balanced and effective results.

Affordable Investment: Join the program for only €39.

Clients Love:

Physically & mentally a weight has lifted.

Before working with Susan, my energy was so low I was miserable waking to face my responsibilities for the day. I had strong migraines at least 20 out of 30 days per month, and my energy and weight were holding me back and I felt like the roles were reversed in my family – my kids were taking care of me. This was going on for years.

“I didn’t know where to go for help or how to pick myself up and you helped me.”

I’ve worked with Susan’s advice and reduced the intensity of my migraines – now they are only tension headaches 4-5 days a month rather than 20. I’ve shed 17kg in 6 months, 12 in the Vitality Recharge program alone!

Most importantly, I no longer feel like my kids have to take care of me, but I can take care of them, I’m not irritable with them and they’re learning life lessons in real time from watching the changes I’ve made.

Being part of a group program gave me support when I had a difficult time & kept me moving forward, and I had other people to relate to who interested themselves in healthy habits. It fills a gap in what you’re missing in your own circles of family & friends where you’re always looking for support for healthy living but it isn’t there.

In the Vitality Recharge program, there’s so much knowledge on how you can take care of you body in a good way – the self massage, the stillness, the sensory organ care, taking care of yourself inside & out. With the early to bed, set yourself up for not being tired the next day.


About Susan

Susan specializes in women’s health & menopause, stress, and burnout.

Susan teaches how to use Ayurveda to address specific health concerns. She helps people learn practical ways to transform their health and vitality.


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