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Ayurvedic Treatments

Have you discovered the variety and benefits of our therapies? Did you know that Ayurvedic therapies can help you with more than just stress or backaches?

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Bliss Therapies



This is the ultimate stress reliever and a luxurious gem of Ayurveda. It is a much-needed holiday for your mind, without having to get away! Warm oil poured continuously onto the third eye and head gently washes away any stress and tension from your mind and body. Health benefits include balancing hormones, restoring sleep patterns and overcoming chronic fatigue. It arrests hair loss and greying and gives a deep hydrating treatment to the hair. 


HEAD MASSAGE + ear & jaw treatment

(burnout, sleep, stress, headaches, neck pain) (KARNA PURANA)

The best treatment for jaw tension, and especially effective for neck pain and strain when combined with nasya. Also, benefits ringing sensation in the ear, headache, earache, hearing loss, excessive earwax, suppressed anger and unresolved emotions, nervousness, insomnia, and stress. Strongly Vata reducing and a must-have in the change of seasons.


HEAD MASSAGE + NOSE drop treatment

(headaches, sinus, thyroid & female hormones, facial paralysis, sleep, stress) (NASYA)

Massage of the head, neck & shoulders with warm oil (including pressure to the marma points of the head). This opens the channels in the head to receive the medicated nose drops selected for your individual health needs. The treatment concludes with a facial steam and expectoration. It actually corrects functions in the whole body (not just the head), and provides deep relaxation.  

netra basti improve eyesight


Soothes dry, irritated eyes and relieves eye fatigue (especially from all our computer work). Improves eyesight and slows aging eyes. Improves blurred vision, pain in eyes, loss of tear secretions & eye inflammations. Brings mental clarity, improves sleep and gradually improves mild & serious eye complaints. Repeat for optimum benefits.

Full Body Treatments

ABYANGHA or UDVARTANA | 2 types of Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage is provided only in the context of proper cleanse programs (see Panchakarma)



This treatment is especially effective for joint and muscle stiffness, and nerve conditions. Warming herbal oil selected for your health condition is applied, then steamed herbal bundles are used to massage herbal oil to deeply penetrate the joints and muscles. Highly effective for connective tissue conditions such as fibromyalgia. May be recommended instead of massage in certain conditions.

These treatments are provided only in the context of proper cleanse programs (see Panchakarma)


MINDFULNESS AYURVEDA BODYWORK, for burnout or chronic pain

Experience feeling whole again with a restorative movement awareness session. As you lie down, you’ll perform small movements to tune your body into its natural rhythms. Then the practitioner will exaggerate these movements to reset the communication between the body & mind, creating the integration of the nervous & muscular systems for freedom of movement.


Vergoeding Insurance

After your treatment package, you will receive a receipt with the number of dates that you have been to the office for treatments. Then you submit that to your verzekeraar.


All Panchakarma treatments include:


  • Comprehensive Health Inventory
  • 10 minute day of evaluation and explanation of what we are trying to do in treatment
  • Opening breathwork, mantras, and meditation
  • The treatment
  • 10 minute re-integration of what came up during your treatment, questions, explanation of energies, experiences, herbs and oils used, how to integrate at home.

True healing is

Health goes beyond balanced physical components of the body. It must include the contentment of the soul, senses and mind.


समदोषः समाग्निश्च समधातुमल क्रियः।

प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमनाः स्वस्थ इत्यभिधीयते। सुश्रुत सूत्रस्थानः

Definition of health from the Ayurvedic medical text Sushruta Samhita, paraphrased 

Ready to Get Started?

If you have ANY doubt about which treatment progression is right for you,  start with a Welcome Consultation. You’ll be assessed to discover which treatments are advised for your specific health concerns. The Atma Ayurveda Clinic believes in  long-lasting health solutions that don’t wear off in a day, so it’s important to start with a complete health evaluation before your first treatments.

Our Treatment Philosophy

I Believe

I believe...

That the body knows how to restore, clean out, and reestablish radiant health. Our work is to create the right circumstances for it to enhance what it already does naturally.

In adapting the beautifully methodical Ayurvedic protocols for the individual on a case-by-case basis

That my purpose in helping you heal is so that you can get clarity about what’s really important to you, and can take action towards your true purpose

In following the healing process all the way to the root cause, not just temporary relief the symptoms that brought you here

In using only natural methods to enhance our body’s capacity to do its incredible cleansing and restoration activities

I believe...

In helping you translate what your symptoms are trying to tell you, and supporting you to do the self care your body is saying you need to learn to do consistently.

In working alongside medical professionals to help you reduce or naturally dissolve the need for pharmaceutical medications.

That no amount of amazing Ayurvedic information I give is better than support to help you follow through with some key targeted actions. I will help you establish the healthy habits you already know you should do, and add the Ayurveda expertise on top.

I believe...

In holding a safe container for not just your health improvements, but for deep transformation in your life

In helping you step into your full human potential and joy

That Ayurveda can be used at a higher level than it is typically used in the west

In the body’s “bio-time”.  That means making health changes according to how fast biological processes can naturally happen (versus how fast our minds want the change)