3 Key Steps to Prepping for a Hormones Detox – Fun, Space and Shopping

Hitting the reset button on your hormone imbalances can be just what you need to see results and reduce symptoms like hot flashes, all kinds of period pain, mood swings. Even a quick hormone cleanse can be the first step for long-standing imbalances in your cycle or menopause-related disruptions. If you’re looking to follow the Hormones Detox I lead semi-annually, here’s what you’ll need to know to prepare everything for a stress-free and effective experience!


Step #1 Have fun getting organized

Set your intention for this to be fun & light! Too often when we think about detox programs, our mind goes straight into constriction-mode and lists of rules, rules, rules. But why not instead ask, “How easy can this be for me?” With a few small actions, you can have a smooth time of it, and let’s face it: Once you get a little momentum you’re going to start having fun! So let’s keep all the steps that will make it an effective hormone reset, and keep those steps fun. Detox planning shouldn’t be a chore- it should be motivating and it should feel inspiring because you’re taking steps to align with your higher self. So let’s get the prep tasks off your “to-do” list so you can think instead “This is easier than I thought”!

It will go a long way to get a bit organized. That’s why I offer a pre-detox Kickoff call to help you get clear on exactly what you need to do day-by-day during the cleanse, and we walk through specific tips on how to get prepared. You’ll also pick up on the amazing group energy and momentum to heal & uplift our individual lives as we move through the process together. The fellow participants act as catalysts to convince you to step up for yourself and into a better you.

Step #2 Make physical and mental space

Now that you’ve set an intention to keep this light and enjoyable, getting organized can already start to create much-needed space in your life. Let’s take this a step further. Our task is to systematically clear out a couple key mental and physical spaces that can make your detox much more fun and easy.

Get rid of your junk food!

First, before we can bring in groceries, etc. it’s probably time for a Kitchen Cleanout. Clean up surfaces, clean out the fridge, and most importantly, clean your cupboards of the foods that are not contributing to a healthier you! I’m not joking – get rid of it! Now – if you’re like most of us, you feel bad wasting food and tend to tell yourself, “I’ll just finish this bag of chips before the detox starts” – but don’t fall for that mind-trap! Donate them, compost them, do a ritual thanking them, give them to a group of hungry teenagers, have a luncheon and send them away in quirky-themed gift bags, leave them in a common space at the office, feed them to the fish. Do whatever you need to do- just get them out of sight, out of mind. Make space for something fresh and new!

Clean out your cleanse spaces

Meanwhile, spend some time to clear out the spaces where you eat and where you do your self-care. This can be the meditation space where you sit with mindfulness, the area in your house or bathroom where you apply oil if you’ve already discovered the magic of Ayurvedic self-massage, the place where you rest with your legs up the wall or your bed for deep, detoxing sleep. Sage these areas, or use your preferred way to energetically cleanse the physical spaces you will spend time in during the detox. You can also energetically cleanse the areas you participate in your vices – the TV area, chocolate drawer, coffee machine. Consider throwing out 3 items that have gathered dust in the corner, that you have been reluctant, too busy or haven’t bothered to get rid of. Setting the physical space will create space for you to strengthen new, positive habits and clearing. And, clearing out your environment will help you continue the positive habits afterward.

Step #3 Make space in your schedule

Most importantly, plan to empty your schedule a bit during your cleanse. It’s really important to shift down. In a detox, you’re doing less, not more. One simple thing you can do is give yourself an extra 10 minutes in the morning so you don’t have to rush. Particularly make sure to reduce evening activities in your detox week, and expect to spend a little extra time exploring your inner self and listening & acknowledging the needs your heart is asking you to attend to. Know that if you skip class at the gym or yoga for one week, it’s temporary. But the window of opportunity to hear your inner voice’s guidance that many people experience during this time doesn’t always remain open for long, and you want to strengthen that capacity in yourself to hear it.

Your attitude is that invites the healing to go deeper. Taking these simple prep steps will ensure you are able to keep the right approach of light, fun and effective!

And remember, if you get overwhelmed, be sure to reach out the moment you feel any resistance to taking action. I’m here to support your success.

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