AMA – What It Is and Why You Want to Get Rid of It!

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Ama Pachana = burning up undigested food



Every day I see clients who may have even struggled for years with pain, low energy and moods,  hormone imbalance or digestive problems, whose main complaint is obvious how to resolve it (at least for Ayurveda) because it’s ama-driven. 

Basically, two completely different approaches are taken – one for conditions without ama, and one for conditions with ama. It’s apples and oranges, never the ‘twain shall meet. Make sure the practitioner you are working with addresses this, or it can get driven deeper into the tissues, and meanwhile waste your time and money.

If there is ama, the first step of the Ayurvedic approach is to always to clear out any ama. Forget dosha, forget your constitution, your practitioner will take these into account for you. CLEAR THE AMA.


Ama is undigested metabolites that coagulate, fermenting and gum up your gut and eventually spread to the organs & tissues if left unchecked. When your body is not able to completely digest what you ingest (food, liquids, supplements, medicines) a residue of sticky fermenting gunk is left behind, not unlike plumbing. This sticky gunk is called ama. It blocks the healthy nutrient absorption into the cells and starts to interrupt cellular & tissue function.

So your internal pipes get a coating of gunk.

Remember, this is all happening because your body has lost its digestive power. Your low digestive power can have many different reasons.

Read the signs you need a cleanse

Below are the causes of ama to help you understand whether and how much ama you have that may be contributing to your symptoms.

Signs that Ama is sticking in you

[sroto rodha] Blocked channels. Swelling or bloating, firstly of the abdomen and blocked feces, urine, inability to sweat

[bala bhramsha] Departing strength, i.e, weakness

[gaurava] Heavy feeling in the stomach

[anila mudatha] Vata is stuck, causing abdominal discomfort, bloating, fullness, even pain, not easily able to burp or pass the gas that is giving pressure to the system

[alasya] Laziness/sluggishness in mind

[apakti] Indigestion | In Ayurveda there are 4 types

[nishtiva] excess spit or mucus in the oral cavity

[mala sanga] Difficulty passing urine, feces or sweat

[aruci] Not interested in eating or even aversion to eating

[klamah] Exhaustion

If you have a few of these symptoms, ama can really dull your feeling of wellbeing.

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