Ayurveda Internship Kick-off

In September, I’m on study hiatus – I’ve got a couple of great therapists on the team while I’m away helping to facilitate an internship for Ayurveda students at a clinic in Kerala. It’s getting really exciting now!


We just had a kick-off call to answer some practicals, but more importantly, to mentally prepare ourselves to enable our relaxed focus to get the very most from this exceptional opportunity.

Through repeated periods of intense study, I’ve learned that so much of our ability to absorb a new experience or info depends on whether we make space for it. So I really encourage everyone when you’re going into a program or time of life where you suspect it might lift you to the next level of your evolution, to do some simple inquiry exercise to help your mind arrive.

I get a lot of questions from clients looking to take their Yoga & Ayurveda knowledge deeper through a study in India.  It’s always a tricky question for me because I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to ‘swim in the soup’, but those might not be experiences repeatable for others. But quality experiences are there, increasingly set up to cater to westerners, so I’d love to have your help.

Slowly I’m compiling resources for you guys, as I speak with more and more people who have had exceptional experiences at yoga centers or receiving Ayurveda treatments.

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