Ayurveda Consultations

Healing at Atma Ayurveda begins with a plan for your coaching program & treatments.

At the core of what we do at Atma Ayurveda are programs that I’ve sculpted that allow me to effectively give extremely personalized advice – and be much more involved in participants’ lives – beyond just when clients are with me in the appointments. I’ve always wanted to develop a way to provide proper, day-to-day advice, and I’m so happy to to share this with you!

Get help planning your Ayurveda trajectory


Welcome Package

Specially designed to welcome new clients. We start with a 75 min intake, plus a 45 minute follow up 2 weeks later. First, we’ll take a through health assessment through the lens of Ayurveda. We’ll decide a trajectory & you’ll be given starting dietary guidelines to balance your condition, and you may be advised herbs and specific recommendations from the varied Ayurveda toolbox. Expiry: 2 months from intake.

Get this for free when you upgrade to the Vitality Recharge Program.

Step 1

Step #1 Transform your Habits

For the smart and savvy who know when it’s time to get serious about leveraging the benefits of Ayurveda.

You know what you should do. Now ignite and actually do it. I guide you directly so you can get back to the best version of you in the 10-week Vitality Recharge program. Each week during the course season, you’ll learn & practice a non-negotiable Ayurveda habit, and together they become the deciding factor whether you will overcome your health challenges, or they’ll overcome you. Compare features below.


Step 2

Step #2 Radiant Consultation Program

To continue personalized consultations, select this Consultation Program – and choose a single Season or Annual Pass. Clients follow a dedicated program with fresh advice on nutrition and lifestyle, with extra attention to their specific health concerns. The Vitality Recharge program is included to support you to keep your wellness upgrade going strong! Compare features below.

Schedule a discovery call to find out if the Radiant Program is the right fit for you!


Feature Comparison


Atma Ayurveda is fully registered for you to be reimbursed by 25+ verzekeraren. (Typical reimbursement is between 40-50euros/visit).

As with all packages, if you need to submit reimbursement to your verzekeraar, you will receive a receipt with the dates you attended after you attend the last appointment in your package.
Be aware: in 2019, the CZ group (CZ, OHRA, Delta Lloyd) will not cover Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and other healing options.

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