Ayurvedic Warm Oil Self-Care

Ayurveda might translate as ‘the science of life’, but ‘the science of smearing warm oil’ would be equally appropriate. I’m just saying, one could make the argument.


And then there’s the mess factor. You’ve got to have a degree in massage oil management because now that you’re covered from head to toe in oil, you’ve got a sort of Midas touch. Instead of gold, everything you touch gets a slickness to it.

But it is so very worth it. There’s magic in the oil.

Ayurvedic texts promise delayed aging from daily self-massage with sesame, beauty & good vision from Nasya oil, thick hair resistant to graying with oil on the head a long list of other benefits from A to Z. And guess what? I’ve seen it work.

I’ve seen countless clients improve their resilience to stress & low immunity, get better sleep, lower their anxiety, come out of depression, and eliminate stiffness & pain – all from simple warm oil application.

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