Before the Course I Had Complete Lack of Energy

I came to the Vitality Recharge with an autoimmune disorder that among other things caused liver problems and rather extreme bowel trouble. I had episodes when I would get a stomachache, have to run really urgently to the toilet, and became difficult to make it. It was affecting my ability to be out & about, and becoming embarrassing. Now I can breathe the pain and cramping away and relax knowing I can make it without accidents – that was a really big victory for me.

Before the course I had complete lack of energy because I’d lost control of everything in mind, actually, that was something I hadn’t shown to anyone.

I was relying on absolute willpower to get through my day at 50% capacity, and now I’ve got more energy – 75% – and it’s not even coming from willpower! I was amazed at the change, with such small changes, and I haven’t even used all the steps yet. I think I can get to 100% once I get going with all the habits.

Lack of energy, Vitality Recharge

I’m waking to feel rested in the morning. The beauty is that your body follows these small steps and it’s so simple.

These are things your grandmother would tell you, and it works because your body adjusts and gets the rest. I think it’s amazing, the simplicity of it, but it’s something that you don’t do until you get your head around it that that’s the best thing to do. The beauty is that your body follows even the baby steps and it’s so logical that your body would do so.

All of these health problems also really affected my relationships. Most importantly, my relationship with my daughter is getting much better now. There’s much less panic & tension. We were like 2 fighting dogs, someone had to win, but that doesn’t happen anymore, not at all – I’m really amazed!

It’s a relief to be able to connect with her again, and I know it’s because I’m much more rested, I’m much more at ease and she can see it and feel it, and I’m so grateful. I really am so grateful. I’m able to have more follow through.

It’s great to see and hear the other voices in the calls.

I really think I got it – I don’t let things stress me out.

When I signed up for this I knew I was going back to somewhere where I already was, the inner peace is a state of mind I’m familiar with but I was lost to it, and I know now that I can come back to it.

Half a year ago, my reaction to the all the things I wished I would have done, would have been stressing me out leading to the feeling that it doesn’t matter anymore, why should I bother, and cause me to give up – but I don’t react in that way anymore, I know I don’t have to get everything the first time around. It’s really something that I feel and know that the course did something that I needed to bring me back to my deeper inner peace.

A year later I know what to do to avoid these problems to come back. Sometimes I feel that I’m drifting in the wrong direction, and know what to do to get back on track.

I’ve gone back to the inner peace, it’s a state of mind I’m really familiar with, I know its there always, but I was a bit lost, this has gotten me back to it. I’m really speaking about what’s true for me. I really think that it, I finally got it – the idea of not being stressed out.

It really did for me what I needed it to do.

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