Can Vitality Recharge give you 30% more energy, too?

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The results are in – Can Vitality Recharge give you 30% more energy, too?

Some statistics from the course:

• Headaches reduced in intensity from 2/10 to 9/10
• Dramatic improvements in family dynamics
• Energy – average
• Weight loss, or skills to gain weight if low weight was the challenge

The Results in short words

Could you have achieved the results from any service covered by your medical coverage?

“I have been to dieticians for weight loss, I tried health advice from books and websites. But until this course I was never motivated enough and whatever I tried was not working”

“No! The medical world is focused on medication and therapy and this course goes deeper than that. The habits that needed to change, set a base and build from there, slowly”

“The difference is in the implementation of new and better habits and how to get there. Also I learned important practical tips and down to earth explanations on ayurvedic subjects.”

“This goes far beyond technical habits, it is about the whole person – mind body soul!”

Value of the course also includes an average savings of:

• €90 on food & drinks per month
• €375/year on medical appointments, prescriptions supplements and splurges that used to make me feel worse

That’s a savings of €1455/year per person!

And the winner of the #1 Habit that had the biggest impact on your life is…Drumroll, please….Earlier, Lighter Dinners!

What would you say to someone who is skeptical or reluctant to start this course?

“I would say: It is not a course, it is a set of tools to change your life. It is all or at least most of the tools you need to lead your best life possible.”

“Just start! You’ll notice a difference in your life shortly after you’ve started, I promise!”

“I would explain that I was not fully convinced myself before starting, but that as soon as I started, I noticed the benefits it was bringing.
Do it, embrace it, learn, try, get insights, go deeper in yourself! What is stopping you from living in peace and harmony and energy?
Susan walks you through one step at a time to change.”

“Take this step forward to improving your quality of life. Only you can make changes in life, it takes effort, it doesn’t not just happen!”

What changed in your life as a direct result of the course?

Do you think the course will have long lasting impacts on how you take care of your body? 100% said yes!

• 89% I eat a healthier diet
• 78% I’ve developed better self-care habits
• 78% I’ve learned the daily habits for longevity and aging
• 67% I feel better in my body
• 67% I have more energy
• 56% I’m more rested or I sleep better
• 45% Improved my yoga or exercise
• 33% My relationships have improved!

Want to lose weight? 100% of the course members looking to lose weight did – one lost 9 kilos, another lost 17 kilos!


Were the results worth the course price tag?

100% said the results of the course made up the cost – and half the participants said the course was worth more than double the value!

“The results I got were definitely worth it! I don’t’ think there is any price tag for expressing the feeling of having control over your health and knowing how to improve your health.”

“Susan put a LOT of energy into the course, and everything else she did to support us, so this is so worth the money!”

“Results covered more than the pricetag!”

How was your experience with your coach?

“My coach (Susan) changed my life and gave me so much inspiration and made me want to improve myself, made me want to be a better version of me. When I started this course I was really not in a good place emotionally and physically. I lost about 30 pounds of weight after changing my eating habits and getting to experience what real hunger feels like. My skin cleared up and I have so much more energy.
Inspiring, motivational, with humor, fresh, clear and direct without judging.”

“Susan was pleasant as I needed her to be, without being too ‘easy’ on me!”

“Personalised, pushing me in a good way – I am glad I met Susan and have her on my side!”

“Good balance between traditional ayurvedic knowledge and more science based knowledge.”

Excellent, very motivating, very informative, very sensitive to individual circumstances, very professional.”

If you had to put a value on being part of the group (versus trying to implement Ayurvedic advice on your own), what would that value be?

89% said the group experience was worth 30-50% MORE than what they paid!

2 said priceless!!

“I honestly don’t know – I know that what I’ve learned and the way the information has been transferred to me has changed my life. I have read many books about Ayurveda and never have implemented what I read in such a way”

“I appreciated especially the safe and easeful environment in the group experience that Susan created.”

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