Celebrating the Darkness

Susan Pulley, Tips & Techniques

20 December 2017

What happens when is difficult to feel the light shining through?.

We should know by now that there are cycles – seasonal, darkness, expansion and contraction. And yet, most of us still expect our course to be steady, up & up.

But what happens when it isn’t? What happens when we’re in a phase, long or short when it is difficult to feel the light shining through?

How we treat ourselves in those moments says a lot. There has to be compassion, inquiry, deep nourishment and composting of the experience in order to turn it into wisdom.

Celebrating the darkness

Stress & Mind/Geest

Meanwhile, an effective strategy can be to architect our habits for the down times! That means eating, sleep, self-care, movement – get help pre-planning all of that so when the downturn comes (and it will, just as sure as the darkest day of the year yearly arrives), you don’t lose your good habits completely!

It’s important to find a resonance not just with the good, but also the difficulties that come with life.

On this solstice day when the deep darkness finally transitions, I’m wishing you the wisdom and inner light.


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