Entrepreneur Burnout: Non-negotiables of self-care to prevent & recover

Entrepreneur burnout is a thing

in fact, it’s the thing. Did you know it’s the #1 threat to your health when you’re self-employed? 

Just less than 50% of self-employed between 35-65 will have a burnout, and the rate spikes higher and higher below 35, according to a Dutch study in May 2018 by Allianz & research agency Gfk.

 50%?!?! Does this shock anyone else?

entrepreneur burnout

It’s the #1 threat to your business, too. You’ve already have experienced the minute you stop putting energy into your business at your fullest capacity, it all grinds to a stop. 

You’re a smart, savvy professional and you know you the potential to be calm, focused and radiant. You can’t afford to be stopped by burnout. 

Learn all the self-care non-negotiables you need for lasting success, and happiness, and stepping into your full thrive. 

Learn how to make it happen with your business & family lifestyle.

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No-Guilt, Back-On-Track policy!

Susan Pulley
I lead programs that help people actually do the Ayurveda non-negotiables that lead to thriving health & vitality. I help women do what they know they should do to get their lives back from fatigue and hormone imbalance, so they feel energized and vibrant.

I’m a trained Ayurvedic practitioner with over a decade of clinical and teaching experience. My specialties are women’s hormones, menopause, low energy and burnout.

Susan Pulley, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Instructor

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