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If there’s one common theme between all my clients, it’s wanting to achieve a feeling of ‘having it together’ more than they’re currently succeeding to do.

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That’s such a natural impulse, because we know so things we could do to improve ourselves.

Knowing isn’t the hard part. Doing is the hard part. Actually reaching for the thing that you know you should do – even when you’re exhausted and motivation is long-gone. Doing – that’s the thing that gets us unstuck and moving faster towards how you want to be feeling.

Every time I catch my inner voice saying, “I’ll try to do that more, or better”, I hear the words of one of my favorite wise sages:


“No! Try not.

Do. or do not.

There is no try.”

Master Yoda

We know we have the potential to live free and inspired. We even know a lot about what to do.

If we could just do it consistently, if we just had more time, if we were just free from stress, overwhelm, anxiety, discomfort, depression…

…we could be so aligned to heal naturally and live to our fullest potential.

If the stars would just align, we would be absolute GODDESS ROCKSTARS.

You know how you feel after you had that magical day when you checked everything off the list, lived up to all the promises you’ve made to yourself, done amazing self-care, been there – really been present- for your loved ones (or your love-life!), and even had some energy left over for something creative that you love.

  • Woke up early, with great energy – check!
  • Got to my favorite class at the gym – check!
  • Didn’t have to rush breakfast, packed a healthy lunch – check!
  • Off to work, looking great, feeling strong and ready for your meetings – check!
  • Home on time, prepped a dish with colorful vibrant veg while listening to music.
  • I had time and space in the evening. Got your bum off the couch and did something fulfilling and creative with your evening, felt so satisfied you got to bed on time and early – check, check, check!

If only all days could be like that.

If you’re feeling stuck, let’s get you some herbal support and give you that nudge.

You’ll be surprised how fast you can activate your sleeping goddess inner rockstar.

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