How to Sync with the Ayurveda Dosha Clock

Many people feel that the structure they used to have has gone completely out the window under lockdown. This results in feeling off and rather lousy. When we aren’t in the daily rhythms that support us, it’s easy to become out of sync physically.

But why is that?

Rhythms are a basic way of syncing up with our bodies needs. When our daily rhythms line up with the changing currents of nature always influencing us throughout the day, our physiology goes with us, not against us. We feel happy, relaxed, and at ease. Our hormones sync, our disgestion normalizes, our sleep deepens, and our metabolism optimizes.

So when there’s a lot of irregularity, we get off track pretty fast. Irregularity in our routines promotes depression, anxiety, interrupted sleep, digestive changes like gas, bloating, constipation or alternating loose stool and constipation, and hormonal complaints. We can easily feel moody, wired & tired, and lose our calm outlook and happiness.

It doesn’t have to be hard to get back on track even though it can feel discouraging and that you’ll never be able to do it. 


Get in sync with nature’s cycles. This is true even if you live in a city, whether you’re a night owl or morning dove. The forces of nature have influenced us humans as we evolved – and that means human biology has organized itself around the doschic clock, the cycles of day/night, the seasons, and, for women, our monthly cycles. These are still deeply affecting you regardless of your modern lifestyle. That’s why different activities are supported at different moments in the day, month or season. This gives us keys to how to make change.

Whatever your habits, work to make it more regular. Have a regular sleep time, and a regular waking time. Better to get to sleep earlier than committing to waking earlier, though.

Exercise every day, at the same time. Then you will train your body to moderate your metabolism and your mind to go for it without resistance. Meanwhile, moving your body to the point where you open up the channels of sweat and create warmth in your muscles creates a relaxation in your system. I found that for each individual the length of time you need to exercise in order to get this kind of relaxation varies, but usually between after 15 to 20 minutes, the mind stops complaining and resisting, and goes into the zone, and out of your head. This is an important moment to watch for, because when you reach this state, your mind empties and you have a sense of ease for the rest of the day.

Ayurveda also gives strongly worded guidelines about the timing that you should eat. Beyond just needing to eat regularly in order to inform your digestion what is coming, and making sure your body can actually digest, absorb and integrate nutrients in a good way, Ayurveda helps you understand the timing of when to eat which type of foods, so that you can sync up with what I call the doshic clock.

The doshic clock is an understanding when your body naturally shifts into different modes. There are times of day that nature supports relaxation and digestion. There are times of day when the doshas support concentration and alertness.  Same with creativity and communication. 

Meanwhile, there are other times of day to avoid heavy foods, for example. Many people make the mistake of eating heavy foods for breakfast, which is fine if you are having breakfast at sunrise, and hungry when you wake up. But once you enter into the Kapha hours in the morning, yoghurt, milk, bread or even oatmeal may go against your condition if there’s already too much heavy quality in your imbalances. If that’s your situation, then it’s better to prefer a light meal. So in addition to making your breakfasts regular, timed close to sunrise, and you also need to make them light by avoiding phlegm-promoting foods. 

Understanding the doshic clock and lining your daily habits up with it, gives you the tools to adjust to what nature is already doing.  That syncs up all your body’s activities and can be a very quick realignment of your metabolism, weight, digestion, and energy.

You’d be surprised how much syncing up your body creates a HUGE decompression from stress, too. 

Your Important Actions to Sync with the Doshic Clock

  • the qualities of foods you should eat and which time of day
  • how to align your movement practices for your body‘s needs
  • what elements will have a morning routine will help you start the day right
  • what is going to support good sleep
  • how to to get your body aligned for good sleep
  • how plants and spices and herbs can be timed to assist with all this
  • what time of day is appropriate to apply warm oil on your body
  • How to get your energy aligned to supportive energy cycles of the day, rather than going against energy cycles, so you’re not tired all the time
  • What home remedy spa tips you can time to recover your energy system

All of this is the foundation of Ayurveda, and, in my clinical experience, it will get you 70% of the way to optimum health. No matter what your condition. And that is exactly what I teach members of Vitality Recharge, and why they see such incredible breakthroughs in their health conditions In over a few short months, and why they keep the results and transform their future beyond the annual pass year.

Let’s create the foundation of what you need in order to work in order to get the benefits of Ayurveda at a higher level.

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