Herbal Study Group

Module: Herbs for the Mind

Here’s what you’ll learn each week:

  • Focus on one single herb
  • You’ll get homework to use different forms of the herb, like hot & cold infusions, tincture, powder, ghee, oils, pastes, and decoctions
  • The next meeting we’ll share, and from all our experiences you’ll develop a good working knowledge in addition to your firsthand experience.
  • I’ll teach on the herb’s energetic according to Ayurveda, and share other Ayurvedic Home Pharmacy Tips
  • Learn how to time dosages
  • Learn substances that carry the medicine so you can direct it to different parts of the body.

Cost: €100 (4-week Module)

First up include Ashwagandha, Melissa, Brahmi, and a mystery herb!

Places are limited!

Please register ASAP by emailing susan@atma-ayurveda.com

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