Here’s How to Start the Holiday Seasons Without Sugar Cravings!

If you want any hope of surviving this holiday season without guilt & weight gain, now it the time to kick your sugar cravings to the curb.

Since the pepernoten hit the market shelves I’ve been hearing a theme from parents…they’re snacking on more than their kids.

Red apple, non sugar

Tips to get rid of sweet cravings for good!

Here are my favorite tips to set yourself up right for the sweetest season of the year:

  1. Give it 4 days. Force yourself to EAT NO SUGAR for 4 days. Then the physical cravings drop off, and your energy stabilizes
  2. Hydrate – start with hot water upon waking and before meals. Sometimes we get a craving for sweets when we aren’t hungry, but actually thirsty.
  3. Don’t snack in between meals. If you have to eat something sweet, eat it at a meal time.
  4. When you get sweet cravings, ask yourself what it is you really need at that moment. Do you need rest? Do you need a mental break? Do you need connection and company? Do you need grounding? Do you need inspiration? Do you need more space on your schedule? Sweets don’t solve these, but you can.
  5. Focus on celebrating when you experience what I call “true hunger” – a growling sensation of hunger from just above the navel area.
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