Hot Tip for Cold Feet

This tip is inspired by the last couple weeks’ freezing weather.


And, laughably, my clients’ feet that resist warming up even on the heated massage table. I’ve been treating their tootsies to hot water bottles and dishing out the following tip.

Sprinkle black pepper (preferably freshly ground) into your shoes. As you walk, the micro amounts of essential oils will get released and lend black pepper’s famously hot quality.

How much to use?

Well, as a rough guideline, think about how many turns of the pepper grinder it would take to make a dinner guest sweat your soup, and that’s probably enough.

So for those of you who suffer from feet that just won’t get warm

Or even if you’re just headed out skating, give this a try. I’m really curious to hear how this is working for people, so send me an email if you try it!

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