How to Get 95% More Ayurveda?

In an average 1 hr health consultation, an individual retains about 30% of the information conveyed, and implements less than 10%.

But action is the core of natural healing – sustained action over time.

Ayurveda tips

So, how can you get more out of your experience with Ayurveda?

  • Get more hours
  • Improve your retention
  • Boost your implementation

How much can you get done in an hour? Let’s face it – there is only so much you can absorb in an hour. While there is no conclusive studies on how long the average adult concentration span lasts, attempts have been made that estimate as little as 10-20 minutes.

And, of course, you can feel subjectively that it varies greatly for yourself depending on time of day, how much sleep you got, if you ate a recent heavy meal, and your general level of fatigue. In particular, if you have any level of fatigue, your concentration and absorption power is pretty low.

So let’s look at what’s in place to help you get more from your Ayurveda experience.

As you know, I’ve created the Vitality Recharge specifically to help people improve their implementation of the advices.

You get several advantages to working in this way. First advantage being that you instead of 2 hours consultation time, you get nearly 40 hours of teaching time.

As a statistic it’s impressive: 2000% more time with me, your expert guide. What’s more, in that time, you get the actions reinforced and you practice them until they become easy and seamlessly integrated into “what you do”. That means no more doubts about what is the right action to take, or doubting yourself whether you can take the action. You see the results you want much faster than you trying to do it on your own and fit the actions into your busy time. Because, let’s face it, if you don’t force yourself to make time and commitment for the change you want to make, you never get there.

You can literally save years of struggling under poor energy, stress, not feeling good about your body, not feeling empowered in yourself, and your health holding you back from optimum efficiency and managing your time effectively.

First, each lesson and coaching call is recorded. So you have the power of on your side. You don’t have to swallow it all at once in one appointment packed with so much information that overwhelms and confuses you. In fact, it’s not your brain that is learning – it is your body. You get step-by-step guidance, and can review until you feel comfortable with the new action, practice & adjust it, and finally automate it.

The best way to get the most out of Ayurveda is to actually work the advices into your day – every day, and consistently over time. For some of you – you know who you are! – this is not your strength. You’re not alone! This is more common than you imagine when your inner voice is beating yourself up for not being able to follow through. Our minds believe we can change everything overnight, but experience shows that’s not how real change occurs.

There is no better way to implement than to place yourself in the midst of others who are already doing it.

Just think about the last habit you tried to adapt. Let’s say you made a goal to meditate 10 minutes every day. Now, you get started, and it might work for awhile. Usually by day 3, you’re attention gets pulled away to something else that feels more urgent than your actual #1 priority (your self-care!).

But what I see is a habit like that, however much you know it’s good for you, drops off the moment some change in life comes – a holiday, a busy time at work, a late night with friends, feeling too tired to get out of bed in the morning. Even a habit like meditation that makes you more focused and efficient and frees up time for the rest of your day, people tend to let it drop away.

Now imagine if you lived in a city, where the majority of the city, at 6:00am meditated for 10 minutes. Would you be more likely to keep up your goal? How much easier would it be to get back on track if you missed a day?

So the absolute best thing you can do to ensure your own personal success is to place yourself in the middle of a group mindset with others who are equally engaged in creating change for themselves, their rand their vitality.

There’s not a moment to lose. Use the group experience to implement more than you ever imagined!

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