How to Make an Infused Herbal Oil from your Garden Medicinals

Infused Herbal Oil (Western Method)

  • Ayurvedic description: The Qualities of an infused herbal oil include: oily, heavy, dull, smooth. Therefore, use in conditions of the opposite: dry, light, mobile, rough.
  • Herbal oils are used for: external use, strengthen tissue, heal, especially skin, nerves, muscle.

Prep time: 5mins     Total time: 5mins

Ayurvedic qualities of infused oil preparations only, heavy, dull, smooth, used for: external use, strengthen tissue, heal, especially skinnervesmuscle


  • Herb
  • Fresh (but dry as possible) or dried
  • Dry glass jar & lid
  • Label


  1. Fill DRY jar loosely to top with plant matter
  2. Fill jar to brim with oil
  3. Olive, sesame, sunflower, almond
  4. Release bubbles & top up the jar to the brim.
  5. Place in sun 6 weeks, release bubbles as needed.
  6.  After 6 weeks, strain & discard plant matter.

Plants that infuse well into oils are herbs that release their qualities into fats, sometimes more easily than into water. Some examples of herbs that are great for oil include:

Comfrey  –Calendula -Chamomile -Lavender -Bala

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