How to Stop Putting Pressure On Yourself to be Perfect

You know your body can heal. You sense that it is possible to do it naturally. Why not prove it to yourself?
Many people are asking themselves now, “I have the time, why don’t I do it?”

Have you been hearing people say this a lot, too? It seems like they are disappointed in themselves and feeling a little guilty if they actually have the time now, but still struggle to do what they know they should.
Here’s what is actually happening in the brain, and how to get rid of that nagging feeling that you should be doing more.

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It is relevant for you to know that our brain takes the shortest pathway to conserve energy. The easiest path for your brain is for it to think, or do what it has done many times before. That’s why you may find that when a new motivation wears off after a few days or a week, we tend to default to what we’ve always done – even if it’s not good for you (for example: overeating, staying up late, not taking our herbs, not exercising).

This is especially true with healthy habits because they involve prioritizing the more challenging actions now, over immediate satisfaction, for the sake of a future outcome.

The thing that some people may overlook most about healing themselves is investing in changing their habits. They’ll buy massages, supplements and appointments and superfoods. They might take a bit of action. But because they didn’t think to invest anything into anchoring a system of follow through, accountability and perseverance for themselves, they stop healthy intentions when a new stress or a competing desire comes. Then, some of us may blame ourselves, or lose faith in our ability to change for the better. It’s possible we can feel that we are weak, or that it is just too hard to keep up the good habits.

But I challenge you to see it for what it is: a gap. It is important for you to know the difference between:

✔being inspired by an idea to
✔taking action on that consistently.

It is unreasonable to expect ourselves to establish incredible new healthy habits instantly once the idea comes into our head.

Don’t miss anchoring into a system to help you follow through – it is exactly what gives us the key to success.

The most important point for you to know is that to get where we want to be, we need both the idea, knowledge, and the action over time.

The key factor is TIME.

The X factor is doing things over time. Often if you don’t put yourself in a situation where you have accountability and follow-through, you’ll have the feeling that you should be doing more. Follow-through is a skill, which means there are specific things you can develop it. It is not a personal shortcoming if you haven’t mastered it yet!

That can lead to a lot of HIGHLY UNPRODUCTIVE guilt turned inward on yourself. And as long as you’re still feeling that guilt, you won’t have access to imagining how incredibly bright your future health can become. Somewhere in your subconscious you will believe you cannot make the change. I understand, we’ve all been there, sometimes for years! But it is a toxic place to stay in with those thoughts.
It’s urgent to shift into steady, sustained actions that help you believe in yourself again.

Give yourself a balanced program & support system, so you don’t slide back into old habits with default programming that sucks your energy and drains your happiness.

The Vitality Recharge program guides you. Not only do you learn a ton about Ayurveda, but you also learn techniques for follow through, so you grow trust in yourself and start to see relevant change.

Leverage the Ayurveda expertise. Recharge your energy. Create integrity with your healthy-habits, and learn to readjust that need for keeping perfect in all that you do.

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