I first came to Susan last September. I had been to more doctors than I could count after my diagnosis of PCOS in my early 30’s. It came as a total shock to me. Mostly because I didn’t even know what PCOS was and also because I had been living with a hormone imbalance my entire life and didn’t know about it. This sent me on a massive search for how to actually balance my hormones.

I found different workouts, programs, diet plans, supplements, but nothing that was specific to me and my body. That’s why none of them gave me the results I was truly looking for. And I wasn’t able to stick to any of them for more than a few weeks.

That’s when I found Susan. She gave me just a couple of simple suggestions that showed results in just weeks for me! Later I decided to join the Vitality Recharge program and currently, I am starting my third season. The habits I’ve learned and continue to learn have helped reduce my stress levels, ease my pain, improve my digestive function, and in what seems like a miracle, help balance my hormones.


“Every doctor told me the same thing. It’s just your hormones. But they never helped me balance them and get my life back. Susan did. I am so grateful to her and this program. I started seeing the effect almost immediately after a few of her suggestions. What I liked best was she didn’t create a whole new lifestyle for me. Just simple things to integrate into my life that are easy to follow.”

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