Natural Birth Control & Fertility

Join this intro workshop and learn the 3 techniques to master natural fertility, for reliable anti-conception or conception.

Natural Birth Control

Would you prefer natural birth control?

info & pre-registration: email susan@atma-ayurveda.com

I have a passion that every woman gets this info. If you or a friend cannot afford this, please contact me. Partners, Mothers & Daughters welcome.

Later there will be a guided continuation available to support your transition from your current birth control to natural fertility methods.

About the continuation course:

Cost: €108

The idea for this course is to get a group of women together who want to gain confidence using the methods discussed in the workshop. You’ll have guided practice before transitioning from your current contraceptive method.

Who does this help? Women & their partners who:

  • Want birth control without the effects of hormones
  • Want to gain control over pain & irregular cycles
  • Want to know their fertility window to achieve pregnancy
  • Are curious but not ready to stop yet their hormonal birth control
  • Are on the pill (etc) but still bleed monthly
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