No-Guilt, Back-On-Track policy!

Around here, we strictly enforce a no-guilt-allowed policy. If you’re off, and you need to get back on track, you need to take an action, or make a clear decision not to take an action and instead put exactly when you’re going to take the action into your agenda. Because guilt keeps us paralyzed from doing what we know we should, you’re not allowed to let yourself feel it.

It’s an urgent red flag if you hear yourself starting to say, “I know I should…”

What’s really happening here? Chances are you’ve tried to do it alone. You’re fighting up the river. Now it’s time to reach out and step into a community with a current that will carry you in the direction you already want to be going. I’ve built a community that’s warmly extending a hand, a tree branch, a life preserver. Heck, I’ve built you a boat to step into to float gently downstream. But you’ve got step into the right current to see how easy it can become.

Don’t tweak out. Reach out. It’s that simple.

The sooner you learn this, the faster you’re going to get to where you want to be in life. Ready to get the momentum to do the work for you? Schedule a call with Susan

So here’s what to do when the Guilt Gremlin starts gnawing at you.

Fall back on your 3 Day Back-on-Track Plan

  • Rest. Food. Movement.

These are the cornerstones of health. When you find yourself off track, you need to have a pre-established plan to fall back on. Not a big ambitious one, just the first simple steps for three days that give you maximum effect and bring you back to a clear, rested and centered self.

I recommend everyone create what I call a 3-day Back-on-Track Plan.

Remember, the purpose is to bring laser-focus concentration and effort to getting you back to feeling strong in a short period of time, a time that you can sustain new effort, without necessarily having those habits established yet. We can only really sustain actions that aren’t habits for 3 days before our attention span and willpower move on to something else.


What is the amount of sleep your body is looking for in this phase? For these 3 days during your Back-on-Track Plan, shift into longer sleep, and very importantly expect to take breaks throughout the day to recharge. We can talk about little things you can do throughout the day that can effectively restore you quickly. Already you can think about breathwork, yin yoga, putting your head own on your desk and breathing, going for walks, taking extra time away from your screens, etc. But you have to actually do them. Set a timer, do whatever it takes to pull yourself away and take rest breaks. Plan them in. Know what you’re going to during each break for these 3 days.


Write down 3 meals you know so well you can whip them up blindfolded. Are the ingredients always in the house, or easily to get? We want to dissolve any mental or physical thresholds to you choosing the right foods. So think about what are the easiest things you can do that actually help your health when you are tired & uninspired. Write them down. Get the non-perishable ingredients into your house for when you come back from holiday, or finish a deadline, or are recovering from a sick day, etc.


Your 3-day Back-on-Track Plan needs to include movement. The movement you do depends on whether you need more added to your body, or more stripped away from your body. In Ayurveda, this is called brmhana (nourishing) or langhana (lightening), and every therapeutic action is categorized as one or the other. I can help you understand what you need, and you will master this in the Vitality Recharge program

Take 5 minutes and write out your own personal version of your 3-day Back-on-Track Plan​. Once you have a list of what you will do in each category for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3, it’s time to look at your list. Have you created small enough steps, steps so very, very easy that when you are recovering from the flu, or exhausted after a long day at work, or have gotten into an argument with your kids or spouse – that even then, when you’re feeling crummy, you can still take those small steps?! If not, revise them immediately!!

Apply the No-Guilt Back-On-Track Policy to taking your herbs!

Sometimes people tell me they feel guilty if they didn’t take their recommended herbs. I even have people confess months later it’s why they didn’t come back for an appointment.

You’re an adult, you’re not in ‘trouble’, so don’t delay to contact me if you find you’re not taking them! These things happen, and we’ll find an alternate way that is easier, or a way to reinforce the habit. For example, you may realize you’re not taking your herbs in powder form and you would do better with capsule form. We have choices to work with, so don’t let this be the reason you don’t get results! Read all 12 tips to take your herbs successfully

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