Quick Quiz

  1. Which is the most dominant dosha this autumn season?
  2. Which of the doshas get vitiated in air conditioning?
  3. Femke was very slender throughout her 20’s. After menopause, she became overweight. What is likely Femke constitution? Which dosha(s) is currently vitiated?
(answers below)
  1. Vata naturally increases in our bodies in autumn. Be sure to cover your ears, protect yourself from the wind, apply herbal oil to your body, and stay warm.
  2. Both Kapha and Vata get aggravated by the cold quality, and since Vata is a synonym for wind, it is particularly reactive to air conditioning. 
  3. When someone is very slender well into early adulthood, they to have a Vata predominant prakruti. When a person becomes overweight in middle adulthood, Kapha is out of balance. However, depending on the nature and degree of weight imbalance, Vata can also be a driving force.