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You’re the Pitta Digestive-Type!

Pitta is a body-mind concept that a natural medicine called Ayurveda uses to describe what’s happening in the body.

This is the air element’s influence on digestion. Where there’s wind, there’s movement.

So if you have Pitta-type digestion, you’re particularly susceptible to problems when the movement of digestion gets irregular.

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What to do if you have Pitta-type digestion

What is Ayurveda

Pitta type digestion looks like:

Loose stool or even diarrhea

Stool formation is muddy, not formed into one piece

Can have tendency towards burning in the stomach, or even ulcers

Can experience nausea or motion sickness

Usually passes stool 2 or more times a day, which can leave you exhausted

Passing stool can give burning sensation, or feel incomplete

You may have observed alcohol, coffee or spicy food aggravates your stomach

You may have some acid sensation when you burp sometimes

Sour or metallic taste in your mouth

Your appetite is regular, but a bit overactive – you can sometimes feel hungry again within an hour or two after eating a meal (when the previous meal hasn’t even been digested yet)

You experience typical “hanger” and can’t delay your meals easily

You can experience unstable blood sugar, and turn to food to compensate. This drop in energy can be frustrating and inconvenient when you’re trying to get things done

You can lose weight if you set your mind to it.

Body odor

When PITAA disrupts your digestion, it can be hard to…

You’ll feel best when Pitta isn’t

contributing to other health problems

  • Pitta can ‘push’ these other conditions:
  • Acid indigestion


    Nausea, car sickness

    Excessive thirst

    Acne or reddish skin rashes

    Eye strain



    Auto-immune conditions

    Heavy menstrual bleeding

    Difficulty falling asleep after 11 at night (otherwise a good sleeper)

    Burning sensations

Some ideas to get you started


Best foods to eat for Pitta type digestion

This is the fire-type of digestion

If you have Pitta-type digestion, much of the goal is around correcting your super-fast, super hot digestion. The goal is to eat foods that are heavy enough to give your intense fire something to burn, and cool the fire so that it becomes less intense and more steady. Think hot coals rather than spreading wildfire.


Keywords for your foods: COOLING, CLEAN


Eat mostly cooked foods, ¾ of your plate, and only ¼ raw foods

Drink lukewarm room temperature water and liquids

Stop coffee and other stimulants (tea, chocolate)

Favor kitchen spices like fennel, cardamom, coriander/cilantro, saffron, vanilla

Foods that Pittas love but that goes against their best interest: hot spicy foods, alcohol, coffee, fermented foods (yoghurt, kombucha, tempeh), red meats


But mostly, our job with Pitta-type digestion is to bring down the intensity of the fire so that the body can stabilize the blood sugar and stop the false excessive hunger that can feel so real but get you into trouble.


It’s adjustments in food, and more importantly the TIMING  of food, sleep and lifestyle that can correct your inner ecosystem. 

If Pitta is high, and you’re experiencing additional symptoms like the ones above, you may be ready to get help to correct these so you get relief,  avoid burnout and top up your energy


So…that’s the Pitta DIGESTIVE TYPE…


(but maybe not!)


Your Next Steps


Start the Ayurveda food rules

Start to eat according to the Ayurveda Do’s and Don’ts to reduce undigested residue.



Check your Digestive Type with a pro, and get more specific advice.



Enjoy energy & balance with advice for your body type!

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