Rasayana Workshop Take-Aways

We had a great workshop with guest teacher Dr. Marda!


Here are some of my favorite take-away tips:

Goal of Ayurveda

  • Maintenance | Prevention | and…if needed…cure.
  • We want to strengthen you to cure yourself.

Properly prepare first take Rasayana, so that body best absorbs it

  • Have channels empty
  • Free circulation of V
  • Haritaki pachana (cleaning)

How to take a Rasayana substance

  • Rasayana substance taken as breakfast on empty stomach
  • Follow with light lunch- milk & rice, or meat soup & rice
  • Let the Rasayana dravya act alone
  • Then normal dinner

These were just some of my favorite recipes:

  • Haritaki – this powerful little fruit is one of the best rasayana substances
  • The best skin creme: ghee & beeswax
  • Warm spiced goat milk for degenerative disorders
  • The liquid on top of yoghurt (whey) for muscle recovery & building
  • Garlic fried in ghee or followed by warm milk for mental & sexual stamina
  • Cinnamon oil for toothache
  • Cardamom for colds &  respiratory disorders
  • Licorice powder and amla oil as a hair tonic
  • Coconut oil or ghee rubbed on feet before sleep- to wind down but also dramatically improves eyesight.
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