Self-Care During Menopause

I’ve always deeply cared about changing how women see & define themselves. It’s why I do what I do. Even since my mid-twenties I became particularly interested in how to cultivate this during the years around menopause.

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At the time, I was already working specifically with women in their transition years and beyond of my internships and student clinic consultations. I absorbed their stories and life experience like a sponge. I learned through their feedback what really works to soften the health symptoms they were experiencing like hot flashes, insomnia, dryness, change of libido, feeling “off”, and irregular and sometimes excess bleeding.

Most importantly I observed once these symptoms were reduced, every woman has a unique experience to be able to open a new chapter of her life, to stand taller in herself, go deeper in her spirituality, and redevelop and offer her talents to the community and world around her.

It was an inspiring progression. If, that is, a woman can soften her symptoms. Because unfortunately, for women who continue to struggle against distracting symptoms can lose out on the amazing transformation, deep contentment and self re-discovery that these years of life should provide.

Fast forward more than a decade. I have served hundreds of women to dissolve strong symptoms during menopause and address the decades-old built-up imbalances that are driving the whole mess. Because previous dormant imbalances built up over years seem to manifest at the time of menopause.

Symptoms during menopause are the body crying out to become aligned with oneself

It’s in large part an internal integrity problem. We haven’t been listening to our inner voice – maybe haven’t even been hearing it at all – for a long, long time. In order to start now, the best thing to to is to get the Ayurvedic habits in place. What that does is take care of the body’s needs and free up the mind and spirit so they can relax and start to heal in the realignment process.
It’s this reintegration of self that signals the body to balance the hormones in the end.

So the most critical thing is to get the habits going so smoothly you don’t have to think about them anymore – that’s called habit automation. We want to eliminate any friction around “should do (more exercise, more time with family, more yoga, more meditation)”, and what you’re actually doing, and the only way to do that is to go through the process of uplevelling your actions to make it super easy to prioritize the self-care that the body is shouting from the rooftops to receive.

Through my clients healing, I have realized it is my own unique service to help women get over the symptoms and into all the benefits of transformation your body is trying to support you to move into at this time.  Apply to join our Menopause by Design program

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