The 3 Phases of Panchakarma – Phase 2

Phase 2 is the main play. It is the bold action after your own dedicated preparation, and it is this action that actually draws the metabolic waste and excess doshas out of the body.

Panchakarma phases

Panchakarma Main Procedures

I like to call these main procedures “strong actions”. Think about panchakarma like a play in a theatre. Phase 1 (Preparation) is the incredible focus and work that goes into preparing to delight the audience. Phase 3 (After Care Rejuvenation) starts when the curtain drops, the applause from the experience of course, but also the system in place to flow so many audience members out of, the enjoyment at the cast party, the critics considering over the next days what features they will celebrate in the review.

What are the Strong Actions of Panchakarma?

It is this Main procedures phase that is actually the Panchakarma. Pancha means 5, and karma you already know means action.

Everything you have been doing in phase 1 has been preparing your body -from reducing ama, applying warm oil, steaming the body – for one or more of these strong actions.

For you, this phase can include one or two of the 5 strong actions, sometimes more.

Strong Actions phase can include:

  • The main procedures in this phase include:
  • Purgation of the small intestine and colon
  • Alternating oil and decoction enemas. Oil enema is used for predominantly Vata dosha concerns and preparation for decoction enema. Herbal decoction enema – tridoshic concerns, enhances deep nutrition via maximizing the colon’s ability to absorb minerals well
  • Therapeutic vomiting (smoother than you can imagine, I promise!)
  • Nasya nose drops application for treating all problems of the head, brain, sensory organs including ear, nose & throat (ENT)
    or some combination of the above.

I will select which of the actions are recommended for your condition. Each action takes a different number of days, making it difficult to give everyone one price before meeting you for a consultation. Of course, one of the factors of whether you do one or two strong actions is the resources you can commit (time and financial).

From a mini-cleanse to a full panchakarma, I promise to help you navigate to create the best-personalized program suited for your needs.

The first step to starting your Ayurvedic cleanse is to book consultations. We will use the intake consultation to understand your health and create a targeted treatment plan and set dates for your panchakarma. In the second appointment, I’ll explain how to do the cleanse day-by-day This has to be done at least a week before your treatments. The third appointment is used as a post-cleanse check-in, to help you understand the special diet and reintegration after.

Alternately, if you’re just curious how it works, join a Panchakarma info session or schedule a time to talk

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