The incredible thing that happens when the body takes over your decisions

It was magic: one most beautiful moments I’ve seen in my career so far.

Last week participants in this season’s Vitality Recharge met to kick off the season start. I asked the returning members to share something that’s already working, something that has become a cornerstone of their health improvement.

It blew me away. One-by-one, each revealed something that has “suddenly clicked into place” with their lifestyle change. What was amazing to me to hear was a similarity between all of them: they were starting to hear what their body is asking for.

For one person, it was the body’s impulse to exercise that she could now count on to override even the laziness of her mind on some mornings.

For another woman, it was a revelation that one of the habit techniques we practice had started spilling over into other areas, and getting her out of overwhelm. She is discovering how light & efficient she is becoming in her work, self care, even applying it to little things like keeping the household in order.

Another found undiscovered joy in what used to be a task she hated: getting the shopping & chopping done. Now the craving for fresh air on the walk to the shops and craving for fresh vegetables was suddenly making the decisions.

Body taking over decisions

The examples of participants’ reclaiming their body wisdom kept coming. One woman is throwing off the guilt of overeating in the evening because she is naturally shifting to an impulse of a light dinner. Another participant found herself ‘doing less’, that more space is freeing up in her busy life, which is helping with all the other health choices she’s making.

Imagine that for yourself. What would your life look like if your body naturally told you what it needs in the present moment? How much mental and physical energy would you regain if your natural impulses easily drove you to exercising, eating lots of fresh healthy foods, eating light and not feeling the crappy side effect of feeling guilty from overeating? What is space in your schedule would naturally start to open up for you, too?

There was this amazing moment that we could be in the circle and see in each other stories just how much is possible when we get to the place where the body starts to make the decisions. And we see it’s so much easier than the mind doing it. The mind is often stressed, tired, conflicted, and so it indulges in short-term decisions & impulse purchases that drive us deeper into disease patterns.

But if we can delegate the basic healthy-habit decisions to follow healthy impulses from the body, we clear up so much mental real-estate and physical problems, and we position ourselves to proactively live our lives, rather than feeling like we’re hanging on behind a runaway train.

How much freedom would you feel? And, how much more would you be able to align to your inner truth? How much clearer would it be to know what is your heart’s message? How easy could it be to do the actions required to make your dreams into reality?

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