What Changed When I Threw Away My Health Goals

(it’s an investment)

We all want the best energy, vitality, strength, and beauty. 

But there’s a fundamental flaw that keeps us from doing what it takes to feel great. 

If you’re blind to this flaw, no matter how enthusiastic you are, your results will never last.

This fundamental shift in thinking has to change: Health is not a finish line at the end of a race, where you spend great effort and then stop. 

Many people are happy to make sudden sprints for health- they’ll change their diet suddenly, or do a detox, or go on a yoga holiday, then the moment they reach the end date, they drop all efforts. Most people need support to take a new health change past that moment, and be able to apply it for longevity. 

Sometimes the end date happens unintentionally, like when the inevitable change of life or extra stress comes up. 

Sound familiar? That’s because almost none of us have been raised to develop skills to implement something new for the long-run.


You’re stuck in finish- line mentality, so there is always an end where you stop your efforts.

What you need to do is shift to thinking not of finish lines, goal posts along the way. Start identifying the mile markers along the way that will help you identify progress.

The Ayurvedic mile markers I’m looking for are:

  • The ama is cleaned out. Anyone who has reached the stage when I declare them free of undigested food residue knows how much I celebrate this moment. This is a really big deal, and finally we can go further and take advantage of Ayurveda’s full potential to increase the quality of your body’s tissues. 
  • Hunger for each meal, but not too much. This is a sign of good quality digestive fire. The person drops the need to snack in between, and has cravings for healthy nutritious plant-based food.

But there is no moment in time that we will be in perfect health.

That’s because generally most of us are not raised with habits for longevity.

Instead of thinking about investments, and at the We make an assumption that there will be a moment we will arrive at health. But health is not a destination, it is a dynamic response to change. There is no moment of time when you arrive on top of a plateau, plant a flag and declare it yours for keeps.  You have to start seeing it as the path if you really want to get lasting results. Even the best Ayurvedic tips won’t work if you keep slipping back into old habits.

Think about it this way:

If you want to train for a marathon, train for the race, even for months. Then the day after the race, despite the best intentions, you stop. (Unfortunately this is really the trend for most people). 

But if you want to become a runner, don’t train for the marathon, train to become a runner. Invest your resources training so that 1 year from now, 5 years from now, 2 decades from now, you have you have set up all the habits and make all the investments that runners do, day in and day out. 

Running the marathon can help us gain confidence in ourselves and uplevel the habit, but don’t fall into the trap of that being the end.

Health is the same way. Training for a marathon, like we do in the 10 week Vitality Recharge can give you motivation to break ground on new habits in your life.  It’s ultimately this daily investment that will determine whether you become a person who thrives. 

What’s the problem with goals? Well, they imply a deadline – a stopping point. It’s likely that you work exceptionally hard, more so than you 

So invest your resources (time, enthusiasm, money, energy) in setting yourself up to become and remain a person with vibrant health.

The Hidden Resources you’re not using

Are you making the best use of your resources? Have you ever even identified what those resources are? If you’ve never identified them, that probably means you’re also not investing them wisely.

And if you’re not investing your resources wisely, you almost surely struggle with stress, one or more health problems and are wasting a lot of precious time & energy feeling bad when you could be feeling better.

The way I see it, the resources you have to invest are your time, your enthusiasm, your energy, your money, assets, personality strengths and talents, and your attention.

Or you might make an appointment, spend some hours collecting information from the internet, or buy a few supplements to try to improve our condition.

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