What to Expect During an Ayurvedic Consultation

What to expect in a consultation
In your consultation, we will have a conversation to understand your current health concerns and your complete health history. I will determine your constitution using indicators such as pulse, body structure, eyes, nails, complexion, digestion and mental/emotional tendencies.​ 

I will ask you about digestion, energy, sleep, food habits, women’s or men’s health. Make sure you set aside some extra time and resources to invest in practicing the recommendations in the coming weeks.

It’s important that you complete your intake form in advance.

Bring a list of medications, and the bottles of any supplements you take regularly.

Determining the diet and lifestyle for your constitution

We’ll use some time during the first appointment to outline a plan of actions to restore your health, and we’ll find do-able solutions. In the background, I’ll be taking into account your constitution, and compare it to the qualities of your current imbalances. Ayurveda treats the whole person including h/her life circumstances, rather than just trying to put a patch on the symptoms.