What’s an Effective Hormones Detox

Some female repro conditions require cleansing excess hormones, and others require restoring deficiencies. All require balancing the doshas. Either way, the idea is to target the organs, tissues (dhatus) and structural and energetic channels that have reduced their functionality. Organs like the liver and kidneys get tired of flushing excess hormones out of the bloodstream, and so the system gets overwhelmed by high levels which cause anything from heavy bleeding, hot flashes and excess growth of the endometrial lining or cysts. Meanwhile, organs like the adrenals and thyroid can become fatigued by how much we require them to respond to stress, and they need nourishing and recovery.

I guide a semi-annual 10-day Hormones Detox with 3 live calls, to help you take action to cleanse excess hormones or restore deficiencies and feel the difference for yourself.

It’s a chance for you to balance your moods and reduce the stress that is at the root of so much hormone trouble. It’s also a chance for you to kick-start weight loss, steady the moods and wavering self-confidence (that often accompanies hormone disruption particularly at menopause), and perhaps most importantly, identify and eliminate the self-sabotage habits that drive your hormones out of balance. All of this comes with the benefit guidance of a professional trained with the skillful approach of Ayurveda, and more than a decade of experience under her belt treating clients specifically for hormone and menopause-related concerns.

What you’ll get:

  • 10 days Ayurveda guided program
  • Day by day instructions
  • 3 Video calls
  • Kickoff video call
  • Mid-cleanse Q&A video call with an explanation of Ayurvedic approach to hormone balance
  • Integration call with specific tips to hold on to the changes you’ve experienced
  • All calls recorded
  • Option to connect with a Success Partner, for fun and easy accountability!
  • Access to ask questions and follow the discussion in our forum

What happens each day?

  • Day 1 Kick-Off call – prep & get organized, shopping list, creating space
  • Day 2 Prep & Get organized
  • Day 3 Shopping list & try the main recipe
  • Day 4 Preparing the mind
  • Day 5 Start Detox. Watch daily video lesson, and do the action
  • Day 6 Watch daily video lesson, and do the day’s action
  • Day 7 Watch the daily video lesson and do the day’s action
  • Day 8 Watch the daily video lesson and do the day’s action
  • Day 9 Watch the daily video lesson and do the day’s action
  • Day 10 Integration call – getting your whole self on board with your NEW self!

If you’re ready to take up the challenge of detoxing your hormones with Ayurveda, visit the Events page or contact me to find out when the next guided Hormones Detox starts. You can also check out the Menopause By Design course

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