Why Do Panchakarma?

We’re going to keep going with the info series I started last month to provide reliable info all about Panchakarma – the Ayurvedic treatment sequence that can give you incredible cleansing effect!

I want to help everyone understand what to expect, how to use the tool Panchakarma effectively, how it is adjusted to each unique person. I’m so excited to finally be providing this to everyone – my clients, my Vitality Rechargers, my academic students and the broader public.

Don’t forget this means I’m also including Panchakarma Info Nights – in person at my office, and on the live webinar – so if you’re curious register here to have a listen.

Panchakarma Square

Everyone starts panchakarma for a different reason

Here are some common motivations from my clients:

  • I hope that I can feel lighter and everything can actually get better
  • It’s such an incredibly healthy thing to do
  • I want to get rid of pain
  • It helps you if you’re stuck and know you can’t continue on the way you’ve been feeling
  • I want to feel like my body is new
  • I need an emotional clearing – nobody expects how much panchakarma helps frees you from heavy emotions
  • I want to move through being stuck and trapped in my body
  • I want to accelerate the healing
  • It jumpstarts healing chronic issues
  • I want to be able to see the body change in real-time – I want to see my belly getting flat!
  • I’m ready to let go of what I’ve been holding onto – physical and emotional
  • I need to shatter outdated emotional patterns
  • I need to find stillness, emptiness & peace.
  • I haven’t felt free from stress in far too long, and it helps the nervous system drop to zero
  • I need to clear out my body so healing can happen
  • I want to get the feeling back that healing in a big way is possible
  • I need to see real change in my health condition
  • I want to feel clean and detoxed
  • It gives you a fresh start when you really need to hit the reset button
  • I know I’m stuck in my habits and need a breakthrough
  • I want to get more energy!
  • It’s great preparation for pregnancy
  • It’s great preparation for perimenopause
  • I need to balance my hormones

Panchakarma is a fast track to recovery. I had a woman explain it like this: sure, her sinuses were healing, but after panchakarma, it cleared up really fast! She did PK, she supported it afterward with the habits, and she could breathe through her nose consistently for the first time in forever.

Start this incredible Panchakarma journey right now!

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