3 Steps to start a Panchakarma Cleanse

Panchakarma treatments can give you the biggest leap in cleansing your body, getting your energy back, and interrupting stress patterns in your mind.

Panchakarma Square

If you think you might be ready to explore receiving a panchakarma, here are the steps to take to get set up:

  1. Join a Panchakarma info session – live or online
  2. Schedule an appointment – we’ll go over your full health history, I’ll recommend and which of the 5 actions are best for you. You’ll indicate how much time and financial budget you want to put towards cleansing your body, and we’ll work out something within your possibilities.
  3. Block your PK days on your calendar – you need to schedule your cleanse treatment days minimally 2-3 weeks in advance.

Most importantly, in your first appointment, we’ll already get started! Phase 1 is a critical step before you can start panchakarma treatments! 

We do this with selected nutrition, herbs, exercise, and lifestyle habits to improve sleep and reduce stress. And of course, you will reduce alcohol, coffee, sugar, gluten, and other foods that aren’t compatible with you according to Ayurveda – all this to give the organs which help you eliminate toxins a chance to catch up. We need to get recharged and strong and ready to assist cleanse your body during your panchakarma.

What you need to set up for panchakarma

  • Schedule in advance
  • About a week to prepare (specific diet, herbs, movement)
  • About 2,5 hours/day during your treatment days
  • Block off a day of rest
  • About 3-4 days of special diet after

So don’t wait, get this planned properly. Start by joining a Panchakarma info session to learn what to expect and how to plan your unique set of treatments, or go straight to booking an appointment

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