Top 5 Ayurvedic Tips You Thought You Didn’t Have Time For

One thing that people overlook about healing themselves is that there’s a HUGE mental shift needed to convince the brain it’s worth slowing down to introduce new actions. If your mantra for the past years has been “I don’t have enough time”, you’re going to feel like you can’t do healthy actions required to improve your energy, sleep, weight and happiness. As most of us know, it’s crucial to replace that mental loop with more positive phrases, like: “I am able to choose how I spend my time”. However, if we don’t KNOW it (in our psyches and in our bodies from experience) our minds will still work against us to convince us that we don’t have time. I have listed here top 5 ayurvedic tips you thought you didn’t have time for:

Today many of us are finding ourselves with extra time (at least those who aren’t parents!). What may be happening although we have gained time, is that we are still not able to implement the healthy habits we wish to practice. Now that you’re home more, why not make practicing them easier? It is possible to use the extra time to perform healthy habits you have always thought of.  You can start to replace the outdated mantra of “I’m too busy”. With a simple “start”.  

In between your dirty dishes,  and sorting puzzle pieces, I welcome you to get intentional, and specific. 


Here are 5 ayurvedic recommendations to give you lasting good feelings throughout the day that can serve you in the long run:


There’s nothing better for high stress and anxiety! Set a timer for 7 minutes. Lie down on your belly and breath deeply so your rib cage moves towards the ceiling. Bonus points if you put a heavy book on your back. Do this 2x a day.

  • APPLY WARM OIL to your body, head & feet. 

This one is for body ache and built-up nervous tension! Read all about the “why” and “how-to” here


Shed the packages and rediscover cooking from whole ingredients. Chop your veggies in advance, bake herb-infused bread, make homemade yoghurt, save veggie scraps and boil your own bouillon, ferment sauerkraut, boil down chicken or lamb bones for stock, roll your own pizza crust, and generally experience delight in everything that doesn’t come in a package!


Eat an early dinner and get your family- and yourself – to bed early. Our goal is no yawning or need to nap during the daytime, so use this time to top up your energy bank! Info if you’ve been low on energy 


Pick your 3 most-needed yoga stretches, and repeat them daily throughout the week. Add some 15-20 minutes cardio first thing in the morning- from flailing jumping jacks to a dance party, get moving first thing. Finally, you know that timer that you mean to set to interrupt your screen time so you get up and move every 45-90 minutes? You know: the one you always ignore? Listen to it! Take lots of breaks and do your exercises! 20 squats gets your heart rate moving and helps you sustain concentration the whole day.

  • Bonus MEDITATION. 

It is a great time to strengthen a meditation habit. In the beginning, it is so much easier after you’re already moving your body. That discharges alot of the scattered energy, so stillness is more accessible. Try sitting in stillness when you’ve come home from a long walk, or after a breathing exercise.

One of the most meaningful things I can give is support to help people change their habits, and really make them stick. I welcome you to watch some of my clients’ experiences in one of my Ayurveda health programs.

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