If someone gave you 71% better results from your gym workout, you would be thrilled!
If someone offered you 71% better chance at landing a big contract, or getting a raise at work, you’d take it, right?
If someone added 71% more yoga classes onto your yoga pass, would you like that?

What about:

71% better chance at passing an exam?
71% easier getting your kids to bed early?
71% better chance at your weight loss goals?
71% improvement on getting better sleep?
71% chance of changing your diet and having it stick for the next 10 years?

The list can go on and on.

But did you know that 71% of people are more likely to make healthy changes in a group than on their own?

Seventy-one percent!

Aside from my own experience attempting big habit changes on my own versus in a group, the statistics are there to back it up too. This is why I’m so committed to enabling clients to support their healing efforts in groups, and why I’m engaged in in groups across every spectrum of life, from health & fitness to spiritual transformation, to career. Because I know I could spend years trying to do it alone, or I can leverage the power of the group and be 71% more likely to get the results I want to see in my life, stick with it and make the changes now, rather than look back in a few years and regret that I haven’t managed to dedicate the time and effort that every worthwhile endevor takes.

Each person thrives with the magic fusion of 3 elements:

• Guided self-study
• Group reinforcement
• Some expert input

It’s important to strike a balance. If you’re not engaged with one of these three, you’re not positioning youself in a way that guarentees success.

Ask yourself, “How can I position myself better?”

To give you an example of how group work has transformed the results people are getting with me, participants in the last Vitality Recharge season gave this feedback. They were asked:

“If you had to put a value on being part of the group (versus trying to implement Ayurvedic advice on your own), what would that value be?”
89% said the group experience was worth 30-50% MORE to them than the pricetag!

If you want to have an open-ended conversation about getting over your reluctance or not knowing how to leverage the group experience, schedule a call with me.